November 23, 2022

5 ways to save time as an event planner

Jul 23, 2022

5 ways to save time as an event planner

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The following is provided through a partnership between STRIDER and USEA. As part of our commitment to diversity, enabling access and building capacity across the industry, we are pleased to provide this content for the benefit of the sport of eventing.

Running a successful horse event, combined event, clinic or cross country school day involves managing many moving parts.

As an organizer, it’s important to remember that your time matters. Having a variety of methods in your event management toolkit can help quell organizational chaos. Check out these five tips to save time (and increase your income) as an event planner.

1. Have a plan (and then another)

    Go back from the date of your event and create a timeline. This is useful for everything from communications to ordering supplies.

    Remember: Taking a few minutes to create a backup plan for weather and other logistical nightmares can save you time in an emergency. Your insurance company may also require you to have a written emergency plan.

    2. Clearly define policies and stick to them

      Decide early on your late entry, cancellation, weather and refund policies. Then stick to them. Be sure to clearly define and describe these policies in a place that is easily accessible to attendees entering your event.

      Remember:Your time is valuable. Managing horse and rider changes after your closing date, adding late entries and processing refunds can be time consuming. Defining and enforcing policies can save you a lot of headaches as an organizer, while making things as clear as possible for your attendees.

      3. Automate where you can

        Schedule social media posts in advance announcing your event, when registration opens, and when registration closes. Meta’s (or Facebook’s) professional suite has a handy scheduler that lets you post to multiple social media channels at once. You can also schedule email invitations and entry reminders through programs such as Mailchimp or ConstantContact.

        Automated and digital processes are more efficient than paper. Take the time to review the paper-based processes you currently have in place and research technologies you can adopt to save time.

        Remember: Online check-ins, digital payment tools and electronic release services are great ways to streamline processes for you and passengers. Not all tools will work for all organizers. It’s important to evaluate solutions that will fit your event’s objectives and stay within your budget.

        4. Communicate clearly

          Answer frequently asked questions (FAQ) in advance. Help passengers easily find trailer-friendly routes, travel times, your property’s canine policy, and answers to other logistical questions. Post these responses in a public place so you don’t have to respond to them via text and email.

          Take advantage of your scheduled emails to remind people of closing dates, your establishment’s policies, and other important details.

          Remember:You’ll save hours by eliminating random text messages, calls, and emails from attendees that distract you from your day.

          5. Delegate

            Remember: We need a village! Hire an expert, coordinate volunteers or phone a friend to help you with the details before the event.

            Streamlined processes, clear communication and teamwork allow organizers to focus on the details that make their events so special. Time matters. Implementing policies and technologies to save hours of paperwork hassles can go a long way.

            As participants, it is essential to be as respectful as possible of the policies and processes in place that allow these events to continue. Wherever you go this season: thank your organizers, thank your volunteers and, of course, thank your horse.

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