November 23, 2022

A Pots And Pans Organizer Is An Economical, Rental Storage Hack | Architectural Summary

After loading plates, pots, pans and miscellaneous kitchen utensils into my rental apartment for the first time, everything barely fits. It’s a small kitchen so it was like a miracle. The only problem, which became clear after a first round of groceries, was that I didn’t have enough closet space for food storage. It’s impressive how much real estate even a few bags of crisps take up. Not wanting to give up sea salt and vinegar, I turned to the internet for some nifty kitchen storage solutions.

Our pots and pans took up a lot of space, but on a low shelf they were hard to reach and I was worried that stacking the pots would cause scratches. (The leaning tower of lids wasn’t ideal either.) Looking for some sort of kitchen utensil organizer or kitchen cabinet, I checked out Yamazaki, who are known for their simple solutions and well designed for small spaces.

The nice thing about most pot and pan organizers is that they can work inside a deep drawer or cabinet, on a counter, or above the fridge in my case. Yamazaki’s took a minute to install, and it’s stretchy and adjustable. Available in black and white, I liked the simplicity of the design, not least because I knew it wouldn’t be tucked away in a cabinet. The pot handle support is a nice feature that I don’t see on many alternatives. With a narrow frame, I was worried it wouldn’t be sturdy enough, but it held up very well, easily accommodating my larger saucepan and spaghetti pot. Having two is ideal, one for pots and pans, the other for lids and light cutting boards.

It’s really nice not to worry about scratches. I like that I can easily grab relevant cooking utensils without having to do some kind of Jenga pot and pan. Anything that makes cooking a little easier is a worthwhile investment IMO, especially because more cooking means less takeout. So maybe these storage solutions should be considered budget devices? Read on to find out why I think a DIY pots and pans organizer will serve your rental well.

With a 100-pound capacity, this organizer rack is more than just a jar lid organizer. It is ideal for Dutch ovens, cast iron pots and heavy skillets. There’s flexibility with this product, too: mounting hardware is optional, and the storage system can run vertically or horizontally, depending on what would work best in your space.

Cusinel pots and pans organizer

An economical option ideal for a deep drawer or kitchen cabinet, this cookware organizer has a metal frame with adjustable dividers and divots for lid handles. Like Yamazaki’s, it’s expandable for extra storage of pots and lids. A pots and pans organizer like this is also ideal for small baking pans or baking sheets.

Joseph Joseph 85167 DrawerStore Expandable Cookware Organizer, Gray

Save space and start fresh with pots and pans from Caraway, a favorite cookware set among Clever staff. The sustainably made set includes all of the brand’s bestsellers: fry pan, saucepan, sauté pan, dutch oven and some of the best kitchen utensil storage I’ve seen. Canvas lid rack maximizes unused storage space inside a cabinet door. Magnetic racks keep each piece separate and prevent scratches or damage that occur when pots and pans are stacked. The baking dish set also has thoughtful storage. They are specially designed for the kitchen or baking utensil concerned, which means that they are not sold as individual storage items, but are part of a larger whole.

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