December 1, 2022

A professional organizer shows how she organizes a child’s room and we take notes!

Organizing your space is never an easy task. Add a small child to their own bedroom and you have a recipe for a long and arduous task that could take up your entire evening. And unfortunately, if you don’t have a plan in place to organize everything, you’re going to end up with the same problem months, if not weeks, later.

Luckily, we have a professional organizer who shared with us several tips and tricks she used while helping organize a client’s nursery and you can use these same tips for your own home!


Kaylie runs the TidyCadeMyPro channel and as a professional organizer the channel is dedicated to her sharing cleaning and organization tips! Many of the things she shares may seem like common sense, but for many of us, these are completely new and innovative ideas.

The room she’s tackling today is a child’s bedroom, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t big or messy. In fact, there’s enough of a mess for her to say that it took her six hours to organize and organize everything, even though the end result is definitely worth it!

She starts by taking all the bigger things off the floor and putting them on the bed – both opening up space for her to start getting organized and allowing her to see everything that’s there to work on. Next, Kayle pulls out empty trash cans and begins to create categories into which she can sort toys and small items. Once the floor is mostly clear, she sets about unpacking and sorting through the tons of stuff in the closet, making sure everything has its place.

Kaylie finishes the room by putting everything she previously sorted into longer term storage spaces and organizing that around the room so everything is easily accessible. Anything that’s left is left for mom to examine and sort out herself, simply because Kaylie doesn’t want to throw anything away if it’s obviously not trash. She then adds tags (the biggest tip) and that’s it! A clean and totally organized room that hopefully the little girl and her client can keep up with!