September 28, 2022

Air Fountain System Reviews – A Shocking Device That Really Works?

When water is plentiful, we tend to take it for granted. The only time we think about water is when it comes out of the tap in the morning while we brush our teeth or wash vegetables. After that, we ignore the importance of water until there is a shortage.

This is the time when some careless people will let their faucets and showers run. Saturated water is called “virtual water”. For example, when you shower in the morning, you probably use 17 gallons of water, but growing coffee beans takes up to 34 gallons and producing a gallon of gasoline takes up to 13 gallons. Before lunch it is obvious that you will have consumed thousands of gallons of water. Most people don’t realize that virtual water is as natural as real water.

There is a finite amount of fresh, clean water on earth, and people are scrambling for a supply of water for their children. However, population growth has led to a global water supply problem. Additionally, NASA and other prestigious universities have evidence that a severe drought is imminent. To combat the impending mega-drought, you’ll need a robust water delivery system, and the Air Fountain system can help.

The Air Fountain System shows how to build your DIY water generator that taps into a seemingly limitless supply of fresh, crystal clear, nutritious water. Even in the driest deserts of Israel, the generator absorbs moisture from the air and turns it into water. In less than thirty minutes, you’ll learn how to assemble your water generator for less than $300.

Is the air cooler system as effective as its marketing claims? Is it a legitimate or fraudulent product? Keep reading to learn all about the air cooler system.

What is the Air Fountain?

Air Fountain is an in-depth guide to surviving and thriving in the coming global water crisis. It’s the only design proven from the ground up to survive America’s impending 100-year drought. The easiest step-by-step video guide shows how to build your own “water generator”. The author of the program is John Gilmour. He provided simple instructions to help you provide your family with clean, fresh water.

John claims that the Israeli army also uses this technological marvel. This water generator works by removing humidity from the surrounding air. Approximately 50 gallons of water per day are produced due to the filtration process. Many generator components can be obtained from local electronics stores or junkyards. It presents ways to maximize water extraction from even the dirtiest water sources.

Even if your space is limited, you’ll never have to worry about water storage again. Simply activate the water generator to produce water on demand. If you want to conserve water, leave it on and it will produce as much water as needed. The entire water generator system weighs less than 10 pounds, allowing you to carry it in a backpack for emergencies. Many armed forces, especially those in arid areas, have found this to be a useful device.

What does it offer?

For John, surviving a crisis isn’t necessarily about staying healthy. Moreover, it is above all a test of mental strength. Therefore, you and your family should remain calm and well prepared during such an event. The air cooler system teaches you how to survive a catastrophic water shortage. The Israeli military has developed this technology which can make water from any amount of ambient humidity.

Here is what is available:

  • A step-by-step plan and video tutorial on how to have your own “water generator” up and running by the end of the day!
  • Strategies and tips to help manage your water supply and protect you and your family from the 100-year drought are inevitable.
  • Instant access to all the resources and energy needed to get clean, pure water for the rest of your life.
  • The whole procedure of creating a water fountain requires two hours if you move slowly. It does not require physical strength and the most difficult activity you will encounter is a bit of cutting.
  • By using these proven methods, you can purify water so that it is safe to drink. You will learn how to drink rainwater and store it for future use.
  • Each step is accompanied by illustrations, measurements and descriptions that make it easy to follow and carry out the instructions.
  • How to acquire the necessary instruments without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars for each one.

Bonus report #1: “How to secure your water supplies”

This complementary guide provides all the essential information regarding water storage. If you need to store the water you produce; this special report will provide all the necessary tactics and best kept secrets. You will discover the essential tools and equipment you will need. You will discover the best and most unexpected places to store water.

Bonus report #2: “How to purify and mineralize water”

This special article on eliminating expensive water filters and ensuring you’re drinking only the healthiest water. This comprehensive guide explains how to purify water and turn it into fresh, crystalline H.2O. You will learn nine ways to get the most out of the dirtiest water sources. You will learn everything there is to know about filtration, boiling, solar water disinfection, iodine, and more. You’ll also learn the insider’s secret to using banana peels to filter water. You will have the ability to turn any water into fresh, clean and healthy water.

Bonus Report #3: The Deadly Agents Hidden in Your Water

This bonus course will teach you everything you need to know about invisible contaminants in your drinking water. This report provides the expertise and information needed to identify each hazardous material. You will learn the six ways nature contaminates your water and how to avoid them. This bonus guide will provide information on how to prevent and cure water-borne diseases and expose improper water purification methods and equipment that cause more harm than good. You will understand what to avoid and what is really safe.

Where to buy the air fountain system

The air cooler system is the only comprehensive benchmark for surviving the world’s most excellent drought. The air fountain can only be purchased from the official website, priced at $39. Other readily available portable water generators cost at least $2,000 in the market. Using the Air Fountain guide, you can quickly build a water generator for less than $300. Plus, the Air Fountain program is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. In the first 60 days, you can claim cash back if you think the generator is not working as advertised.

Use the following contact details to get in touch with the Air Fountain support team for any questions:


The Air Fountain system is the answer for anyone looking for water independence. In just 30 minutes, Air Fountain technology transforms you into a drought survival expert by providing you with a perpetual source of water. This air cooler system can give you an added benefit. This gives you valuable time to perform more vital tasks in an emergency. While others will be busy looking for food or water, your “miniature aquatic plant” will take care of itself.

You will become self-sufficient since you will no longer need to fetch water, and the water produced by this DIY system contains more oxygen. No matter how dry it is, the device will provide plenty of fresh, clean, pure water. You can quickly reduce your water costs by up to 90% and save hundreds of dollars over the coming year. You’ll never have to worry about running out of water for daily needs again with Air Fountain.

Do not wait. Get the air fountain guide today!