November 23, 2022

Amazon Kitchen Storage Find: Simple Trending Can Rack Organizer

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Right now, I’d bet I have at least ten cans of crushed tomatoes in my cupboard. No, I’m not preparing for a marathon Bolognese-making session or cooking for a small army. The reason for this overstock is a little more troublesome than that. I never know exactly what staples I have at home, so when I buy some at the store “just in case”, I end up with too many tomatoes – and usually not enough of anything else. Well, something tells me I’m not the only one who needs a better home inventory system, because the folks at Simple Trending have come up with an easy-to-assemble solution for keeping cans in order. Check out the Simple Trending Can Rack Organizer.

The Can Rack Organizer is a three-tier metal rack that fits easily on your kitchen counter, in the cabinet, or on the shelf. It holds up to 36 cans (or jars) in a layout that makes them all easy to see and track. As one reviewer shared, “I reorganized my mom’s pantry and this product has been the most amazing space saver ever. Took an insane amount of cans and organized them so way to see exactly what she was missing and needed to get more from the store. This works well for her because she tends to buy three or four cans of the same product.” Or in some cases (ahem, me), 10 or 11. Agree with another user, “Highly recommend them, great to be able to see what canned items we have or don’t have instead of buying a lot of the ones we already have vs. what we really need.

All the tools you need to assemble the storage shelf are included in the package, and users report that it only takes a few minutes to put everything together. Rubber pads ensure the rack will stay in place and won’t damage your shelves, counters, or cabinets, and six plastic dividers (two per shelf) are adjustable to accommodate different product sizes. Each can rack organizer spans 17.4″ x 13″ x 13.75″, but if you need more storage, just buy another Simple Trending can rack organizer and stack it above. top of the first. Yes, they are designed that way, and many customers have said they have multiple sets. Could you fit more cans in the same area without the rack? Maybe, but what’s the point? if you’re going to lose sight of them again (I’m looking at you, crushed tomatoes).

Simple Trending’s rack gets particularly rave reviews for durability. “I have SERIOUSLY tried to defeat this product and have placed every known cylindrical pantry item on this rack…and it has withstood every abuse,” one buyer commented. “Ce. Won’t. Fail. I carried the container full of cans and it didn’t fold. I tried linen products on it… now my linen closet looks organized… it even holds bananas in. That’s right, this holder isn’t just for cans – or just the kitchen, for that matter!

If you’re still not sure if this rack is worth buying, consider this review. “I’m a professional organizer and I use these for my clients’ pantries all the time! I’ve tried several but this one is the best and my favorite product. Takes a few minutes to put together but very easy .It is sturdy and comes in many colors It is a must have for can storage It fits all sizes of cans with a slider that adjusts to the size of the cans Great product and great price !” Sounds like a winner to me.

Buy: Simple Trending Can Rack Organizer, $26.97