September 28, 2022

An all-in-one charger and organizer for your everyday essentials

While spending a few minutes looking for your wallet, a few more minutes for your keys, and 30 more seconds for your phone might not seem like much, studies have shown that Americans waste 2.5 days a year looking for things. It’s time to get organized!

The average person misplaces up to nine items a day, which means that by the age of sixty we will have searched for up to two hundred thousand items, according to an insurance company survey. Undoubtedly many of these things are recovered but before that Eureka! moment (which always happens in the last place we look because, well, now we’ve found it), we often become tense, bored with ourselves, worried, and panicked. To make matters worse, we often head for the door, already anxious to be late.

One of the most important things we can do to help us avoid all this frustration is to organize ourselves and our items. Keeping small items like the aforementioned wallet, keys, and phone, as well as other items like jewelry, watches, glasses, and headphones, together in one place is a great way to save your sanity and your time.

This Catch-All Tray Pod is an ideal solution. Not only will it hold all your essentials in one convenient place, but it also features a Qi-certified wireless charger that will power any Qi-based Apple or Android device without ever overcharging it. Simply place it on your desk, bedside table, hallway entry table, or anywhere accessible, and you can relax knowing exactly where all your “stuff” is, with the added benefit that the electronics are fully charged and ready to use. Practicality and functionality come together in a pragmatic whole.

Normally worth $139, this Catch-All 3 in 1 Tray Pod can be yours for just $49.99, or about a third of the suggested retail price.

Prices subject to change.