June 29, 2022

Bellroy’s New Desk Caddy Cable Organizer Bag

Bellroy, the maker of an assortment of tech accessories, bags, travel gear, Apple Watch straps, and more, has now launched its new Cable Organizer Bag. Bellroy Gear’s latest accessory pouch is known as the Desk Caddy – a small vertical pouch to store all your cables, chargers and EDCs. This one stands out from the rest of the Bellroy cable organizer bags with a design that aims to take people from the office to the road and back again with a transparent and accessible architecture. Now available to buy in four colorways, you can take a closer look and more details below.

New Bellroy Desk Caddy Cable Organizer Bag

From its range of iPhone 13 cases we covered last September to its new 100% vegetable-tanned leather alternative wallet solution and eco-tanned leather key case with multi-tool for your EDC, Bellroy’s gear worth a look for anyone who takes their EDC seriously. We were happy with its previous generation antimicrobial cable organizer bag after using it (I still use it to this day), and now it’s time for the new Desk Caddy.

This pouch shines in storage situations, like moving between the shared office and home. It keeps everything organized and easily accessible when you’re in your workspace.

Its latest Desk Caddy accessory and cable organizer bag is designed to “keep your office and tech accessories organized and on display” until you’re ready to zip it up and walk out. It’s designed to stand up when full with a front panel that unzips and folds down for easy access when sitting in front of you on a desk with what’s described as a “structured yet flexible shape”.

Wrapped in water-resistant fabric, the bag features an interior with a zippered mesh pocket for personal items as well as a divider wall with elastic loop storage, a stylus loop and a few extra pockets for chargers, wall adapters and the like.

It is now available for purchase in black, ranger green, navy and gunmetal for $59 ships direct from Bellroy. It doesn’t seem to have made its way to the brand’s official Amazon storefront yet.

Taken from 9to5Toys

If its new Desk Caddy accessory and cable organizer bag are anything like the Tech Kit that starts at $54.50, or the aforementioned model we got started with, it’s hard to imagine people not being happy with it. a purchase here. There are certainly more affordable options on Amazon and elsewhere, but I for one am very happy with the performance and durability of the device that I’ve been using and abusing for years now. It still looks brand new with solid zipper performance and the kind of lightweight branding I appreciate. If you’re looking for a new accessory wrangler or some sort of cable organizer bag, it might be worth considering Bellroy and its new Desk Caddy, especially for people who switch often. desktop to on-the-go setups.

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