May 18, 2022

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Who are the best organizers?

Can organizers offer a great way to keep track of a variety of dry foods and usually in a way that reserves a little extra space for other goods in the pantry, fridge or kitchen . Still, deciding which can organizer is best for your needs might not be completely intuitive, as you’ll still need to measure the space you’re looking to fill and decide what types of cans you hope to organize.

The Simple Houseware Stackable Can Organizer Rack is a great choice for anyone looking to store a variety of can sizes, and it features a stackable design that’s great for saving space in the fridge or pantry.

What to know before buying a can organizer

Can organizer dimensions

Even the best can racks can’t fit in some spaces, so considering the dimensions of any can organizer as well as the amount of room in any given space you hope to put it in is the most obvious first step in finding a can organizer. an appropriate model. Can organizers come in a variety of configurations, shapes, and overall sizes, so it’s easy to get creative and make the most of almost any space with the right design.

Can the types of organizers

You can find many types of can organizers available, including simple can racks and bins, and more advanced products like hanging can organizer baskets, pantry door racks, and even changeable options. to accommodate several types of cans simultaneously.

Cans of soda vs cans of dry goods

One of the most common dividing points between different can organizers is whether they specialize in soda cans, typical dry goods cans, or changeable spaces that work with multiple types of cans. Depending on the types of cans you hope to store, you may simply need a soda can rack, or you may need something modifiable for several different types of dry goods storage.

What to Look for in a Quality Can Organizer


Most importantly, your can organizer should remain stable enough to hold all the cans you put in it. Some cheap can organizers have been called flimsy by shoppers and should be avoided, while other more stable models are probably a safer bet, even if they cost a bit more.


The capacity of cans a given can organizer can hold will vary, and this can also affect which model is best for your kitchen needs. Can organizers typically hold between eight and 40 cans at a time, with some configurations offering the ability to maximize can storage capacity through stacking and other organizational benefits.


Many storage bins and racks can be stacked, allowing users to increase the space they save when placing products where they want. Stackable can organizers are great for use in the pantry and refrigerator, depending on the type of cans you hope to store as well as how many.

How much you can expect to spend on can organizers

Different varieties of tin can organizers are priced a bit differently, but most models of this simple kitchen organization tool will actually come at a fair price. An inexpensive can organizer may only cost around $12 to $15, while bulk packs of can holders and other can organization solutions can often range from $20 to $45.

Can Organizer FAQ

What types of can organizers are good for use in the pantry?

A. While it’s mostly a matter of individual preference as to which organizer to use and where to place it, pantry organizers most often include some sort of can rack that can be installed on a shelf. , hung on a door or in hanging baskets under a shelf. Many pantry storage racks can also be stacked, adding an extra degree of space-saving function.

Can you buy organizer brackets?

A. There are several can organizer options, but can organizer racks are by far the most common. You can also find can storage bins and hanging basket type options, but most can organizers come in the form of metal racks.

What are the best can organizers to buy?

top can organizer

Simple Houseware Stackable Can Organizer Rack

What do you want to know: This stackable can organizer is a great addition to any kitchen, providing a simple three-layer can organization system on its own or more when stacked.

What you will love: Depending on the type of cans you are organizing, this rack can usually hold around 36 different cans. By using the changeable plastic divider piece, this can organizer can also hold a variety of different types of cans.

What you should consider: For some, this can storage rack was too big to use in the pantry.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Top can organizer for the money

Simple Houseware Set of Two Stackable Soda Can Storage Racks

Simple Houseware Set of Two Stackable Soda Can Storage Racks

What do you want to know: Those looking to organize soda cans may appreciate this model, which comes as a two-pack and includes up to 12 soda cans per rack.

What you will love: In addition to providing 12 cans of space per rack, this two-pack of can organizer racks can also be stacked to maximize space in any fridge or cabinet. These metal can organizers can also be purchased in bronze, chrome, silver or white finish.

What you should consider: Some buyers have found this model less stable than other can organizers.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Sorbus Set of Two Stackable Plastic Refrigerator Storage Bins

Sorbus Set of Two Stackable Plastic Refrigerator Storage Bins

What do you want to know: If you’re looking for a can organizer solution that’s better suited to the fridge, this pack of two stackable plastic can organizers is a great choice and is very affordable.

What you will love: These storage bins don’t need to go in the fridge, although they do match the look of the plastic shelves usually found in fridges. Wherever they go, they can also be stacked to save the most space, and they offer up to nine cans each of storage space.

What you should consider: The lids of these can organizers were not very easy to use for some buyers.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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