September 28, 2022

Buyers are shocked by this $20 under-sink organizer that frees up ‘so much extra space’

If there’s one part of my apartment that I try to avoid looking at, it’s under the kitchen and bathroom the wells. Although I’ve installed collapsible shelves and stored cleaning items in old cardboard boxes, my current organization system is less than ideal. Bottles and jars always feel like they’re in a big mess and ready to tip over at any moment. I can never manage to arrange everything in an efficient and easily accessible way. But now I finally found a product that could solve all my storage problems.

SOYO Under Sink Organizer is not only the #1 bestseller in its category on Amazon, but also on sale for $20, but click the coupon on the page for an additional percentage off. It’s a small price to pay for under-the-sink areas that won’t stress you out every time you open the cabinet door.

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This space saving organizer is unique in that it has two levels, which automatically creates more space under your sink (in a small apartment this is extremely difficult to do). You also get four side hoops for hanging essentials like sponges, scrub brushes and rags. Grab it by its handles to quickly move the whole unit around when you need to wipe down the inside of the cabinet.

If you are also looking for kitchen and laundry room organizers, buy a few and place them all over your home. It’s the easiest way to get rid of clutter, so prepare for tidy cabinets that even Marie Kondo would be jealous of.

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Photo: SOYO.

Photo: SOYO.

SOYO under sink organizer $19.99 (was $25.99)

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In case you thought you had to become Bob the Builder to assemble this organizer, rest assured, setup is quick, easy, and tool-free; just click all the pieces together. But just because there aren’t screws involved doesn’t mean it’s wonky and prone to falling apart. The organizer is made from high quality ABS plastic which is sure to hold all your cleaning supplies and toiletries.

“Didn’t think it would produce so much extra space under my sink, but it does,” wrote one five-star buyer. “He is strong and a great space saving.”

“Love the size, quality and sturdiness of this shelf,” said another reviewer. “Fits perfectly under my vanity and because the pieces lock into place, there’s no fear of them coming loose.”

Don’t let your shampoo bottles and cleaning products take up more space than necessary. Keep them contained and stored in SOYO Under Sink Organizer.

STYLECASTER |  Interview with Ashley Benson

STYLECASTER | Interview with Ashley Benson

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