December 1, 2022

CBS Mornings Deals: A compact speakerphone, key organizer and other items designed to make your life easier

This week on “CBS Mornings,” lifestyle host Gayle Bass discussed deals on items that could become your next daily essential. Check out this week’s exclusive offers below and visit or text CBS to 65000 to enjoy today.

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PowerPro unlimited charger for 5 devices

Charge up to five devices quickly using the Limitless PowerPro 5-Device Charger. The device is designed to eliminate the clutter of extension cords and power strips by using a single wall outlet. Grounded AC outlets include surge protection of 1,280 joules to try and protect electronic devices from dangerous jumps, spikes, and surges. The charger also has a 20-watt USB-C port to quickly charge devices.

Was priced at $59.99, offered on for $24.99

Raycon Everyday Speaker

Bring music and sound on the go with the Raycon Everyday Speaker. The compact and portable device is Bluetooth enabled, lasts up to 11 hours and is resistant to light splashes and sprays of water and dust.

Was priced at $39.99, offered on for $24.99

Keysmart Pro with Tile Smart Location

Organize up to 14 keys with the Keysmart Pro Organizer with Tile Smart Location. The rechargeable device can hold a charge for up to 45 days and includes a built-in LED flashlight as well as a bottle opener and loop for attaching key rings. And if it’s lost, the Tile Bluetooth tracking app lets users find it within 150 feet on a map.

Was priced at $49.99, offered on for $29.99