May 18, 2022

Change the way you live with the Lifewit 25 Drawer Organizer Set.

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Delaware, USA March 18, 2022 ( – Almost everyone else has faced the problem when something gets lost in the drawer wormhole. Considering the problem, Lifewit has come up with its latest 25 PCS Drawer Organizer Set which can change the way of life. These drawer organizers are specially designed with transparent plastic material, lightweight and easy to use. This groundbreaking creation is the company’s first attempt as all previous products were fabric only. It is safe to say that the plan is successfully executed as the product has already achieved more than 5,000 sales in the past two months and is gradually reaching the 10,000 sales mark. It is currently available on Amazon for purchase with a 4.7/5 star rating.

“Being organized means being in control” and customers can take full control with the latest drawer organizers from Lifewit. These drawers are capable of changing the way of life as they provide many opportunities to be organized in life. This often happens when people find themselves confused in the busy lifestyle of a product line and there is the constant anxiety to organize everything. These storage trays are perfect for keeping belongings and favorites together but separated and they will never be lost again.

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Lifewit’s attempt to manufacture this new product is bringing about a change in the industry. The company previously created a milestone with its nonwoven storage products and is now making a change with the new organizers, focusing on its mission to create a space that fits with the pace of people’s lives.

These latest 25 PCS Drawer Organizers are perfect for any type of use whether it’s home or workplace. The trays are available in 4 different sizes varied in a square and rectangular shape to fit every drawer space. The size combination is perfect for easy mixing and matching with a combination that allows sections in one space to put all the necessary elements, separated from each other in one space. As a result, users can customize the trays according to their compartment and drawer space needs.

There are a total of 8 size trays 3″ x 3″ x 2.1″, 8 large size trays 6″ x 3″ x 2.1″, 6 larger size trays 9″ x 3″ x 2.1″ with 3 last trays with a size of 9″ x 6″ x 2.1″. It offers versatile use for various purposes in different combinations, whether used as makeup drawers or desk drawers for artists.

Crystal storage beans work great for keeping gadgets, jewelry, art supplies, makeup and cosmetics as well as pins, clips and other stationery for office purposes. Made of plastic material, the 25 items in total weigh only 1600 grams. Its lightness allows it to be used for all purposes whether it is the bedroom or the bathroom. The plastic material is waterproof, robust and completely transparent, which makes it even more practical for this purpose. Even if there is something lost or fallen out of the drawer; it is easily seen. As a result, the transparent view allows it to be used both in drawers and on shelves. The amazing crystalline plastic material makes it easy to find the right thing at the right time.

These latest plastic organizers bring more convenience with their lightweight material that is easy to handle and maintain. Even in the case of cleaning the trays, a simple washing and rinsing is enough. This sturdy yet lightweight material comes with the durability of a lifetime. Lifewit has always made products that can improve every person’s daily lifestyle. Previously, this organization focused on manufacturing fabric-based storage products, and now it has come up with the latest plastic storage trays that are bringing a spark in the market. The company is working to change the lifestyle perspective by offering more options to keep things organized and fit for customers’ lifestyles. Visit the official Lifewit website and product line on Amazon to learn more.

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