June 29, 2022

Dutch medical device manufacturer expands to new location

TWP HOLLAND. — A company that manufactures spine, joint, extremity, cardiology and vascular models for the medical device industry is moving to a new, larger site.

Encoris Corp Group.in collaboration with an economic development organization Lakeshore Advantage Corp.today announced the construction of a new 1,000 square foot, $1 million facility located at 180 Roost Court, Holland Township.

Jim TenBrink, co-founder, vice president and customer growth strategist for Encoris Group, said MiBiz that his team of 10 employees struggled to fit into their current headquarters, a 4,300-square-foot space at 3612 128th Ave., also in Holland Township.

“We had to look for external storage space,” said TenBrink, who added that his company will immediately use every part of the new facility’s 10,000 square feet. “The workspace is just overcrowded. People work on each other, but we make it work.

Encoris Group designs, manufactures and distributes anatomical models, which are used for education, promotion, simulation and clinical skills training for the medical device industry. The new facility, according to the company, will support additional design, development and manufacturing capacity.

The Township of Holland Charter on Thursday approved a 12-year industrial plant tax holiday for the project.

TenBrink said the COVID-19 pandemic helped propel his business into the spotlight when surgical training centers temporarily closed and medical device sales reps were barred from hospitals. TenBrink said the companies would buy the surgical training kits from Encoris and ship them directly to surgeons who go through the training process via Zoom calls.

“It was amazing,” he said. “And that’s where we shine as a company: the ability to look at problems and overcome them. This is what we do.”

Encoris has taken advantage of local economic development tools and infrastructures to stimulate its growth. In 2013, the company joined Lakeshore Advantage’s SURGE program, designed to provide resources for high-potential product placement and technology startups.

“We have worked closely with them since 2013,” Lakeshore Advantage President Jennifer Owens said in a statement. “What started as an entrepreneurial venture in a church cafe has grown into a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We love seeing businesses get what they need to thrive in our region.

TenBrink tipped the balance towards the program to help Encoris grow the business and secure additional funding for its needs.

“It’s always good to network with other entrepreneurs,” TenBrink said. “You learn so much and it’s a special breed of people that a lot of non-entrepreneurs can’t relate to. To have this type of community where you have a bunch of crazy people coming together to share their successes and failures is great.

The SURGE program recently created a new house at the opening of the SURGE center in downtown Holland.