November 23, 2022

Early Prime Day Food Storage and Organizer Deals From $9

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With all the cooking you’ll be doing this summer, it’s a good idea to invest in durable containers to store leftovers and items to keep your kitchen tidy during meal prep. While food and kitchen storage items can sometimes be an afterthought, anyone who runs out of containers or space knows the frustration. If it’s time to replenish your stock, you’re in luck because there are tons of great options for sale on Amazon – and that’s before Prime Day even begins.

As a reminder for those who don’t know, Amazon Prime Day is on July 12 and 13 (yes, next week!) and you can find discounts on everything you need for the kitchen. Think kitchen utensils, appliances, accessories, dining room staples, and organization essentials. However, Amazon is already removing discounts in its Gold Box Deals hub on food storage and kitchen organizers ahead of the big two-day shopping event. And all this up to 56% off.

If you’re looking for containers to store leftovers specifically, you can’t go wrong with this five-piece set from Rubbermaid. These containers loved by buyers and publishers are made with BPA-free plastic, have an airtight seal, and secure with snap-on side latches. The set comes with containers in multiple sizes, so you can store anything from side dishes to whole enchiladas. Bonus: 43% off right now.

However, anyone who wants food storage containers for pantry items like dried cereals and snacks, opt for these airtight containers instead. You can store anything you normally would in the pantry and extend the shelf life with these. This set includes containers of all sizes, including large, medium, small, and mini. And what’s great is that a lid fits each container, eliminating the need to dig through the container drawer to find the right size. Right now it’s $23 thanks to a markdown and a hidden coupon.

Small kitchens need extra storage, and this nifty utility cart can give it to you. It’s designed with four deep shelves to hold anything from spices to produce (without overflowing). Due to its stainless steel construction, this cart is durable and can hold a decent amount of weight. Plus, its slim makeup is great for tucking into small areas, giving you storage without taking up tons of room for $21.

Not sure how to organize your fridge? An easy way to do this is to use plastic storage bins like these from ClearSpace. They’re 6 inches deep, so you can hold tall bottles of sauce in one, cans of soda in another, and stack meat and cheese for lunch in an extra bin. You can choose from packs of two, four, six or eight – but at this low price, you might as well go big.

There’s plenty more in store ahead of Amazon Prime Day. Scroll through our list below for the best food storage and organization deals available right now.