December 1, 2022

Flow Device Helps Improve Accuracy and Reproducibility of Chemical Reactions Labmate Online

For laboratories looking to improve the accuracy, reproducibility and yield of liquid phase chemical reactions, Testa Analytical Solutions eK has developed the Chemistry flowmeter.

Accurately measuring the rate of addition of liquid reagents is a critical consideration for many laboratories undertaking batch or flow chemical reactions. When using peristaltic or piston pumps to add expensive chemicals or other fluids into a reaction, laboratories must ensure that the rate of addition is both precise and consistent within the control quality. Without accurate flow measurement, too much or too little chemical can be injected into a reaction. Furthermore, if the reagent addition rate is not consistent, it can also lead to undesirable results, costly overuse of reagents, lower yield of the final product, and safety issues. In fact, an inaccurate throughput measurement can mean the difference between profit and lost revenue.

Designed to be fully compatible with most solvents, acids and bases, the Chemistry Flow Meter sets a new standard for continuous, noninvasive flow measurement of pumps used to add liquid reagents to chemical reactions. Compact in size and conveniently powered via USB connection, the Testa Analytical Chemistry flow meter uses an extremely accurate, sensitive and high resolution thermal flow sensor. As the sensor is non-invasive, it can operate over a wide dynamic range and has proven to be the perfect real-time flow measurement tool for monitoring batch and flow chemistry reagent addition pumps.

The Chemistry Flow Meter uses a highly intuitive PC application for continuous recording, display and storage of measured flow rates. The current reagent addition rate is also displayed on the devices’ built-in high-resolution OLED display, ensuring that the accuracy and consistency of reagent addition is easily monitored.

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