December 1, 2022

Freedom Convoy protest organizer Tamara Lich released on bail after review

Lich will be released on a total of $25,000 bail with conditions not to protest COVID warrants

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Tamara Lich, one of the main organizers of the “Freedom Convoy” demonstration that paralyzed downtown Ottawa for three weeks, has been released on bail.

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Lich will be released on a total of $25,000 bail with conditions not to protest COVID warrants or use any form of social media, and she must return home to Alberta.

Lich was arrested on February 17 and charged with counseling mischief, the day before police moved to disperse crowds in downtown Ottawa using powers invoked under the Federal Measures Act emergency.

She was first denied bail on February 22 after Ontario Court Judge Julie Bourgeois ruled her detention was “necessary for the protection and safety of the public.”

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Lich’s attorney has launched a bail review on the grounds that Bourgeois’ decision may have been tainted by the fact that she ran as a federal Liberal candidate in the 2011 election and said her community had been affected by the demonstration.

Lich’s husband was rejected at his first bail review hearing as a surety – a person who shows up in court and promises to supervise a defendant while out on bail. An unnamed relative was offered as a new surety at today’s hearing.

The Crown prosecutor said Lich will have to give the surety access to her electronic devices and she will not be allowed to enter Ontario except for a court hearing or to meet with a lawyer.

With additional reporting from The Canadian Press