November 23, 2022

GeekDad Review: Woolnut Leather Tech Organizer

Now that our children are young adults and can be alone in the house for a few days, my wife and I have been free to take short trips to the area. Long weekends to go to concerts, catch up with friends, hang out at a cabin, sightsee, that sort of thing. Between covid lockdowns, that is…I always travel with a laptop or iPad and related accessories in case I need to trip something for work. And then there are the gadgets that always accompany me, including an iPhone and an Apple Watch. One thing that bothers me a bit, even for these short jaunts, is the sheer number of accessories I have to pack and track. Chargers, cables and that kind of stuff. A bag of groceries will do, but it’s a pretty inelegant solution. This is where the Woolnut Leather Tech Organizer comes in handy.

Woolnut Tech Leather Organizer in Cognac. (Photo by Brad Moon)

Organizes your technical accessories and protects them

Open up the Woolnut Leather Tech Organizer and you can open it up so it’s almost flat so you have easy access to all the straps and pockets inside. The case was designed to hold the kind of accessories that many of us travel with, keeping them organized and secure. There are thick elastic straps in different sizes, the largest of which easily accommodates a MacBook Pro power supply. There are pockets big enough to fit a mouse in. There is a zippered pocket where you can store easy-to-lose items like memory cards. There’s not an inch of wasted space inside. Even the inner surface of the hinge is equipped with an elastic band.

I was able to fit everything from a laptop power supply to a set of headphones and an iPad stylus. Equally important, everything is organized. I can see at a glance (other than what’s in a zippered pocket) if I forgot something.

The Woolnut Leather Tech Organizer isn’t heavily padded, but it does have some structure. This provides a degree of protection to the devices and accessories inside. Elastic straps prevent items from getting caught, adding extra protection. It’s not as good as a padded case, but definitely several steps above throwing everything in a bag.

And because you can easily see everything in the case, there’s less chance of you accidentally leaving something behind.

There’s a place inside to keep everything organized and secure. (Photo by Brad Moon)

Premium leather, high quality construction

I’ve reviewed Woolnut products before (most recently, the company’s wool-felt-lined MacBook sleeve), and my favorite part about them is the full-grain grained leather the company uses. This is premium Scandinavian leather sourced from farms that adhere to the region’s high animal welfare standards. The walnut leather is gorgeous and feels warm and smooth in the hand. He is aging very well. I particularly like the cognac color, but Woolnut also sells this organizer in black, green and blue leather.

The interior of the briefcase is lined with 100% recycled polyester taffeta. The case also arrived packaged in a cotton drawstring bag.

Zippers can be iffy – there are few things more frustrating than jamming, and with sharp angles on a holster like this jamming is more of a concern than a straight line shot like with a jacket. Woolnut uses premium YKK EXCELLA full metal zippers from Japan. This should ensure proper operation while eliminating the risk of jamming.

Woolnut Leather Technical Organizer Recommendation

Woolnut Leather Tech Organizer Review
The organizer is small enough to slip into a bag or backpack. (Photo by Brad Moon)

Walnut prices its products in euros, but the company ships worldwide. the Leather Tech Organizer the price currently stands at around $119. It’s not cheap, but it’s smartly designed, well made, and the premium leather is gorgeous. Chances are, this is the last tech organizer you’ll need to buy. If you decide at some point that you no longer need it, it looks like it could also be repurposed as a really nice travel toiletry bag.

Disclosure: Woolnut provided an organizer for the review, but did not contribute to this review.

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