May 18, 2022

Get The Look TV Remote Control Holder Organizer Box with 5 Multi Compartments – with free and fast shipping

How long can you bear the dirty table and the narrow space that is not enough forever? Don’t want to have more space in the room that is not big enough? Yes we can do that. It is also a desk organization and desk holder storage box. It includes 5 compartments which can well organize different kinds of office supplies.
Do you have a problem with your family throwing things everywhere? No one could find what someone put there. And do you need a plan to exercise children in good habits. There is a storage box for TV remotes, study supplies, art tools, makeup brush, car keys, glasses and other household items. Only one remote control holder is needed in your living room, it can provide the permanent position for your family.

Size: 25.5 x 11.7 x 11.4CM
Material: Polypropylene plastic.
White color

Please check your handkerchief size before purchasing.
Please do not rub on sharp objects.
This product is not pressure resistant, so please do not place heavy objects on it.
This product should not be close to the fire source, avoid high temperature.
Depending on your monitor, browser and other settings, the color of the product may differ from the actual product.