August 6, 2022

GOAT Storage Organizer Review

Trace Report: This storage organization unit goes from home to your safe.

I admit, I have way too much stuff. I try to buy only what I will use on a regular basis, but apparently there are a LOT of things that I actively use. Sure, I watched Marie Kondo on Netflix, but most of my stuff is really To do bring joy to my life, so as long as I can use them, I keep them.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not chic. Pottery Barn is pretty, but it’s inconvenient for my lifestyle. I travel a lot – including lots of road trips and multi-day hikes and camping adventures – so the products that work best for me are the ones that also suit my active lifestyle. Enter the GOAT BOXCO rack, a next-level organization rack that is part of their ultra-customizable storage and cooler system.

The RACK (yes, it’s all in all caps), comes with eight interchangeable “boxes” (boxes) that you can fill to the brim with just about anything. At first, I was not sure where to store the unit – Pantry? Laundry room? Garage? – which testifies to its versatility. The RACK can literally be stored anywhere and then moved elsewhere later. It’s kind of a portable locker room, so you can take the whole unit (or just a few individual cans) pretty much anywhere you go.

Cans also work with the HUB (also made by GOAT BOXCO), a killer cooler equipped with exterior compartments for cans. This way the food and beer stay cold in the cooler while the cans prevent what’s inside from absorbing moisture inside the cooler. Half of my cans are full of crisps (umm… a healthy, organic trail mix, I mean) while the other half has stuff that I want easy access to, like my sunscreen and bug spray.

Later this month I’m going on a camping trip to the Cranberry Capital of the World (Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin), so I’m going to fill a can with some camping essentials – headlamp, quick-drying towel, inflatable pillow – and bring a void one in case I figure out how to get out of the bog berries without breaking (serious) laws.

According to the GOAT website, the rack and cooler are also great for fishing (pass) and hunting (really hard pass) but as a very active aunt I took the storage rack – I mean RACK – and the cooler for birthdays and apple picking with the kids. I just throw it in the trunk or in the back seat of the car, and we have easy access to snacks, toys, paper plates, napkins, sunscreen, and a first aid kit.

The RACK is also designed with non-slip rubber feet (awesome) and the modular design means you can stack multiple racks on top of each other. Maybe I should just order another GOAT RACK for the garage so I finally have a place for all the little tools and gadgets that I hope will one day bring joy to me.

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