November 23, 2022

Godai Group presents the “Paragon Strap System”: the ultimate organizer to easily store any equipment and device

Designed by tech entrepreneurs looking to make life easier, Godai Group, LLC has launched the Paragon Strap System, an innovative tech gadget organizer that’s the perfect solution for easily storing equipment and devices of all shapes and sizes.

Consider it the paragon of tech gadget organizers for all types of users, from tech enthusiasts, engineers, educators, and hobbyists to travelers, campers, gamers, filmmakers, artists, musicians, and hairstylists, among others.

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Made from simple, durable components, the Paragon Strap System is a unique new approach to organizing and transporting gear and tool kits. The product’s patent-pending webbing modules quickly and easily adapt to a variety of gear and can be positioned in any orientation. The Paragon strap is fully adjustable and holds everything securely in place with materials that are compatible with industrial strength hooks and loops. Multiple straps can also be used to hold larger items, and each strap can be subdivided to hold multiple gear simultaneously.

“The Paragon Strap System will forever change the way you wear your gear,” said Garrett Gee, founder and co-creator of Paragon Strap System. “In our development, we focused on not following existing designs or trends and created our system to establish a new way of organizing and storing hardware. Most storage companies and products industry use fixed elastics.It depends on the manufacturer to have specific things in mind for a slot to put an item in. For example, a pen/pencil slot can only fit this and nothing A phone slot may fit your phone, but as new larger ones come out, it may not.

Gee added: “You end up in a cycle of buying solutions that fit your specific set of items. Our solution is adaptable to any size object. It gives the end user the freedom to put together exactly what it wants. No other product on the market has taken this approach. That’s why I’ve invested the time, energy and resources to file for our four currently pending patents.

Key benefits and features of the Paragon Strap System include:

  • EACH DEVICE COVERED — The Paragon Strap System is an industry and device adaptable solution offering maximum versatility, durability, modularity and compatibility.
  • VERSATILITY — The Paragon Strap isn’t designed for just one type of tool – it’s designed to be a one-stop storage and organization solution for a wide range of gear. Strap dividers allow for a perfect fit for any tool or device. Users can easily create strap segments and adjust length and tension as needed. The product does not rest on a grid or fixed positions to keep the equipment secure. Components can be placed in any position or orientation needed to accommodate each piece of equipment in a consumer’s tool kit.
  • SUSTAINABILITY — Paragon Gear uses the highest quality industrial grade hook and loop fabric to provide maximum holding strength and keep gear in place and secure. Durable fabric material protects gear in a variety of field conditions, yet is soft enough for the most delicate devices. All materials have been stress tested to ensure that each Paragon Strap module can withstand up to thousands of rearrangements without losing grip strength or elasticity. Industrial-grade hook-and-loop materials are rated at 9.9 pounds (635 g) per square inch. Each strap module is capable of securely holding gear with over 15 pounds of shear force.
  • MODULARITY — With its hook and loop compatible elastic band, each Paragon strap is able to attach to itself. This allows the user to stack multiple modules together to save space and consolidate similar components. The dimensions of each strap module help maximize space and neatly organize gear sections. The product is infinitely reusable and reorganizable, allowing it to adapt as the user’s toolkit grows or the work environment changes.
  • COMPATIBILITY — Paragon Strap is compatible with the ubiquitous MOLLE/PALS and any derived system. It adds increased utility and customization to standard equipment and can consolidate a tool kit into new, optimized arrangements. Any generic or proprietary organizational product that involves hook-and-loop fabric easily integrates with the Paragon webbing system. It can quickly and securely hold any tool carrier designed for use with a belt, strap, clip or pocket.
  • SUSTAINABLE DESIGN — Paragon Gear is committed to producing gear made from the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques, ensuring the longest possible life for the company’s products.
  • REUSABLE – The Paragon Strap is not only 100% reusable and rearrangeable, but is also compatible with a wide variety of organization systems on the market today. The product can also help reduce clutter.
  • ADJUSTABLE — Each strap module is fully adjustable along its entire length while providing maximum hold.
  • 360° ORIENTATION — With no fixed connection points to restrict the placement of Paragon Strap modules, even bulky items are safely stowed.

Gee said he and product co-creator Rusty Huber created the Paragon Strap System out of necessity to find an organizational product suitable for a specialized range of devices.

“I’m in the EDC space (everyday) and own a lot of pouches and bags. I’m also a photographer and have purchased a lot of messenger and backpack photography bags over the years. always annoyed that I had to buy another solution (bag, pouch or whatever) to solve the problem I had with storing the equipment,” Gee explained. “It was only when I stepped back and saw all the clutter of products I bought for 20 years, and realized the amount of waste it was creating, that I was inspired to solve the problem myself- same.”

Gee, who is also a consumer of his product, added that the Paragon Strap System has the unlimited potential to be used across many industries and use cases.

“Our company mission is all about efficiency. I like solutions that are adaptable and won’t end up in the pile of ‘I’ll use it again someday, in the right situation,'” Gee said.

The company has also shared product prototypes with selected customers in different industries and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, Gee said.

The Godai Group has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to cover the costs of bringing the Paragon Strap system to market.

“This campaign will primarily pay for the first manufacturing cycle of the Paragon Strap System and Field Case, as well as add-on and exclusive items,” Gee said. “It will also help defray the substantial costs of obtaining US and international patents for our design, custom tools and molds for manufacturing and establishing the business framework to build the Paragon Gear brand. From there, we will be able to continue the development of the Paragon Strap system, creating new modules and enclosures of all sizes.We look forward to a full ecosystem of Paragon Gear products with a focus on providing the maximum level of utility for the final user.

You can also check out the company’s YouTube video featured on Kickstarter to learn more about how the product works:

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