August 6, 2022

How to clear cookies, cache and browsing history on your device –

The type of handset we use gives us different options that we can use for web browsing. These devices to make our experience smoother record browsing history and cookies that give us personalized suggestions in the future. These cookies and browsing history are saved on our device’s memory, which in some cases causes the “out of memory” problem and in some cases slows down the performance of the device, which can become a pain in the neck. Here we will share some simple steps that can clear our cookies, cache and browsing history which will help us get the most out of our devices.

The most commonly used browsers in our Android portable devices are Firefox, Samsung Internet or Google Chrome. Google Chrome is the default browser on Android phones like Google Pixel series, Samsung Internet on Samsung devices and Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded and used on different devices. So now let’s learn how to clear cache files and cookies and optimize the performance of our device.

In Google Chromeyou can press the three points in the upper-right corner of the browser, then select Storythen Clear browsing data. Another option is to clear the browsing data from the Chrome Tuningpressing the Private life and Security then Clear browsing data.

Chrome also provides another option, which can help you clear specific time data like last hour, last two hours, last 24 hours, past day etc., it is called the Time range drop-down list. Another way is to press Advanced settingswhich will give you access to delete your Checked in Passwords, Autofill form data and Site settings. Once the selection is made, tp on the Blue data clear button and the browser deletes the selected data.

Now in Samsung Internet there are two ways to clear cache and cookie data i.e. clear it from phones Settings app or do it from Navigator himself.

Let’s start inside the Samsung Internet browser apppress the three points in the lower right corner. Go to Settingsscroll to Personal data press it, then press Delete browsing data, which will give a menu of options that you can remove. The menu has Browsing history, Cookies and Site data, cached images and files, passwords and Autofill forms. After selecting delete, a confirmation dialog box appears where you confirm your choices before deleting.

From Settings app and press Apps, then scroll to Samsung Internet and go in Storage. At the bottom of Storage, Empty the cache and Erase data options are given. Tapping Empty the cache immediately deletes the cache, while Erase data starts a dialogue warning you that all AApp data will be permanently deleted, including files, settings, accounts and databases. So give your Samsung Internet Browser becomes clean as a whistle.

In MozillaFirefox, you can clear cookies and cache from the Mozilla Firefox Android app. For that
press the three dots aligned vertically to the right of the address bar. Then press Settings and scroll to Delete browsing data.

firefox gives you the most options in the Delete browsing data menu, even allowing you to delete aall existing open tabs, your browsing history and site data, Site permissions and even the Downloads folder beside Cookies and Hidden pictures and files. Although a time interval is not given by it.

firefox goes one step further and facilitates the user who looks like ghosts when they are done using the app. firefox gives the option to erase the data once the user has used the application. The user can access the Settings and press the To leave and it gives the Delete browsing data option; thus all data is completely erased. This option of Firefox is a good option because it protects your data against intrusion or espionage by those who have gotten their hands on your device.

In recent times, one can never be careful enough to protect one’s identity and personal information.

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