December 1, 2022

How to Create More Closet Storage, According to a Professional Organizer

When considering the space available in your closet, chances are your mind will first consider horizontal storage. However, to take full advantage of the space, you need to think both ways. “A lot of times we see a rod and a shelf in the closet, but we don’t consider using the space above and below,” says Fisher. Sure, you might want to hang certain items like dresses or work clothes, but there are particular categories of clothes that would do just fine in those vertical areas.

For example, as Fisher points out, “the space below is perfect for shoe racks, drawers, or another rod to hang.” That’s right – you can immediately double your hanging space just by installing an extra rod, which could be a great option for people who don’t have a lot of longer pieces. “The space above is great for stacking sweater bins (open fronts are best for easily pulling out clothes or bags), stacking keepsake boxes, or large totes and purses,” continues Fisher.

The thing is, there may be some parts of your closet storage that you don’t want to change, such as existing shelves and clothes rails. However, you can easily increase your storage space just by thinking vertically. Plus, minor adjustments like adding an extra clothes rail, a few storage boxes, or a drawer or two are both easy and relatively inexpensive.