May 14, 2022

How to Install MIUI 13 on Xiaomi 2022 Device Tip

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Check how to install MIUI 13 on Xiaomi device

Amidst a lot of spectacle, Xiaomi recently announced MIUI 12 and consequently released the first closed beta for a long time. As with MIUI, closed betas are mostly released in China first and then distributed to the rest of the world. In such a situation, Xiaomi customers all over the world cannot find the new MIUI 12 form. Little by little, we have figured out how to install MIUI 12 on our Redmi K20 via TWRP.

Moreover, we also curate the top 25 features of MIUI 12 so that you can study all the new and exciting features. This way, assuming you are also looking for a method to install MIUI 12 on your Xiaomi device, you have reached the perfect locations. In this article, we walk you through the full MIUI 12 installation cycle with step-by-step instructions. Now, without wasting a second, we should jump into the wizard and find out how to install MIUI 12.

What do we need?

  • Bootloader unlocked: You need to unlock the bootloader on your Xiaomi phone. Check how to unlock the bootloader.
  • ADB: You also need to configure ADB on your computer.
  • TWRP Recovery – Download the latest version of TWRP from your device’s official website.
  • MIUI 12 ROM: Download MIUI 12 Recovery ROM for your device. Download links are provided below.

Download MIUI 12 Recovery ROM

You can download MIUI 12 Recovery ROM from the official links given below. We will install these MIUI 12 ROMs on your Xiaomi phone.

Install the official MIUI 12 ROM on any Xiaomi device

Before continuing, make sure you have downloaded all necessary materials. Installing the MIUI 12 ROM will wipe your device. Therefore, we suggest you backup all your data before starting the process.

Boot your phone in Fastboot mode

First, copy the MIUI 12 ROM to the internal storage of your Xiaomi device. After that, connect your phone to your PC and launch the ADB console. Now run this command to restart your Xiaomi device in Fastboot mode.

adb restart bootloader

Once your phone has booted into Fastboot mode, run the fastboot devices command to verify the connection. On successful connection, it will return your phone’s serial number.

Install TWRP recovery via ADB

After booting your phone in Fastboot mode, now we will install TWRP Recovery on your Xiaomi phone. We will use TWRP to install MIUI 12 on your Xiaomi phone. First, rename the TWRP image to recovery.img and copy it to the ADB folder. After that, type the following command in the ADB console to install TWRP.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

After successfully installing TWRP on your phone, disconnect it from your PC. Now boot your Xiaomi phone into Recovery. To do this, first turn off your phone. After that press and hold Volume Up and Power buttons. When you see the Mi/Poco/Redmi logo, release the buttons.

Wipe your device and install MIUI 12 ROM using TWRP

While in TWRP recovery, go to Wipe > Advanced Wipe. After that select Dalvik Cache, System, Data and Vendor. Make sure not to touch the internal storage as it contains the MIUI 12 ROM file. Finally, swipe to clear.

After wiping the device, tap Install. Now browse and select the MIUI 12 ROM file and drag to install it. Once the ROM flash is successful, access the Wipe menu again. This time, select Format Data to completely erase your device. This step will take your device out of the encryption loop.

Restart your Xiaomi phone in MIUI 12

Finally, tap Reboot System on TWRP and it will boot into MIUI 12 directly. If TWRP shows “No OS Installed” error, don’t panic, just reboot the system anyway and it will boot into MIUI 12.

Final Words: How to Install MIUI 13 on Xiaomi Device

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