December 1, 2022

HP Inc. Launches New Device in Ireland to Combat Security Threats and Protect Confidential Business Information

Today HP Inc. announced the release in Ireland of its new A3 multifunction desktop printer with integrated HP Wolf Enterprise Security features. The announcement comes as a reminder to businesses that as Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month draws to a close, businesses are encouraged to ensure their devices are running with the best security features to ensure safe working environments.

Multifunction printers are one of the most common and useful devices in any office environment, with most also acting as copiers, scanners and fax machines that have built-in memory and can store data. Due to their storage capacity, many printers contain personal data such as contracts, confidential company information, and any other files printed or sent through the printer. Without a strong security defense, some printers can expose businesses to security threats and have serious consequences for the businesses involved.

In an effort to continue to combat security threats and continually improve technology that detects and adapts to new threats, HP Inc. has launched the most secure printing with industry-leading, self-healing protection. for companies.

The new HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP offers over 200 built-in security features, such as:

  • HP Sure Start – Critical operating code (BIOS) is automatically checked on startup and repairs itself if compromised.
  • Runtime Intrusion Detection – Common Criteria Certified to continuously monitor memory activity to detect and stop attacks in real time.
  • HP Connection Inspector – Outbound network connections are inspected to stop suspicious requests and thwart malware.
  • HP Memory Shield™ – a built-in security feature that helps prevent a wide variety of malware attacks from redirecting the flow of program execution.
  • Whitelisting – Firmware is automatically checked at startup to determine if it is genuine code digitally signed by HP.

Understanding the importance of managing printers containing confidential information is key to maintaining privacy and security in any business. Security starts with visibility into who and what is connecting to your network, and printers are no exception when it comes to potential business vulnerabilities.

Speaking on the importance of security features in printers, HP Ireland Managing Director Val Gabriel said:

“As Cybersecurity Awareness Month draws to a close in Ireland, we welcome Justice Minister Helen McEntee who encourages business owners and employees to ensure that data and information business are protected with up-to-date security.

“For MFPs in particular, HP provides security protection that detects attacks on the operating system as well as network, print, scan and fax applications. This new technology maintains an established first line of defense and provides security services to businesses of all sizes and sizes. It works to protect businesses with always-on hardware protection that stays vigilant so work can continue safely, anytime, anywhere.