December 1, 2022

Huawei DevEco Device Tool 3.1 Beta 1 brings new features

Recently, the Chinese company Xianji Semiconductor Technology completed the development of the HPM6700 processor and merged it with the OpenHarmony operating system. This thoughtful integration will bring new scopes and services to developers and operators.

OpenHarmony is already serving many areas right now. But it is time to extend its use to other sectors. Therefore, the HPM6700 processor will help the OpenHarmony system achieve new goals in the industrial sector.

Speaking of new development, HPM6700 is a series of MCUs (Micro Controller Units). It is a high-performance real-time RISC-V chip that provides the ultimate computing power to the technology pack mechanisms.

Additionally, it provides efficient control capability and rich multimedia tools for industrial operations and advanced computing applications. For example, mining, automotive electronics, Internet of Things, new energy, etc.

HPM6700 Processor – Major Components

Shanghai Xianji cooperation has forged a variety of crucial parts into the ultimate HPM6700 chip series. The respective processor has RISC-V cores. These cores support double precision and DSP extensions with a primary frequency of 816 MHz.

It also features a 32 KB high-speed L1 cache, local memory, and 1 MB on-board SRAM. Together, these elements prevent performance loss due to low-speed external memory. In terms of DMIPS performance, it outperforms 9000 CoreMark and 4500 CoreMark.

Main components

Besides external and internal memory, the HPM6700 development board also includes 2D graphics display system, high-speed USB, Gigabit Ethernet, information security modules, real-time encryption and decryption functions, etc.

These elements provide greater efficiency to operators in performing computer-related tasks. Plus, developers can quickly access new high-performance chips with the OpenHarmony system.

Previously, Xianji Semiconductor technology pushed the HPM6750 to the OpenHarmony operating system. The integration was quite successful and helped many developers to access new OpenHarmony features.

With the high-performance HPM6700 series of chips, developers will be able to work more easily in the areas of mining and control.

HPM6700 Processor OpenHarmony System