August 6, 2022

I am a professional organizer and ANYONE can tidy up their house with my 5 minute hack

The thought of cleaning your home can sometimes be more overwhelming than the job itself.

A pro organizer has shared her quick hack to get you into cleaning mode, and it’ll only take you five minutes.


A pro organizer shared her quick hack to get you ready to clean up1 credit
Organize your drawer in minutes


Organize your drawer in minutes1 credit

In a video posted to social media, she shared the one step you need to take to start your cleansing routine.

“Choosing a small 5-minute project can really give us a sense of accomplishment and get us on the right track,” she said.

An easy way to feel accomplished is to check off your to-do lists, even if it’s simple things like chores or errands.

So find a task you can work on in just minutes, and as the expert said, “Open that drawer you’ve been avoiding.”

“We often look at all the clutter and things that we have to do and feel completely overwhelmed,” she said.

In her video, she demonstrated her drawer decluttering hack in 5 minutes.

She pulled out all of her items and then filled the empty drawer with small storage bins to help organize her things.

While sorting out the drawer, she advised to make decisions about what you actually need, this way you can save space by throwing out the items you don’t need.

“Take victory from this little project and let the momentum carry you to the next one,” she said.

Cleaning tips and tricks

Here are some tips to help you with your next house cleaning:

When you’re ready to move into your closet, a fashion expert has shared her three tips for decluttering your closet and saving space.

Fashion and lifestyle expert Jade Leanne wants to make decluttering your closet as easy as possible.

So she shared a video on social media explaining the three questions you need to ask yourself to decide which clothes should stay and which should go.

First, she said to go piece by piece and ask herself, “Would I buy this if I saw it in a store right now?”

This will help you decide how much you value the garment.

She felt that if you didn’t buy it now, you probably wouldn’t want to wear it again.

Second, Leanne said to ask yourself, “Is that okay with me?”

If the item is too big or too small and hasn’t fit you for over a year, Leanne said it should be thrown in the trash.

“It makes us want to have clothes that don’t fit in our wardrobe,” she noted.

“Get rid of them.”

Finally, if the item has any holes, stains, or tears, she said throw it away.

“You’re not going to fix them later, you’re not going to fix them, you’re not going to bleach them, put them in the trash,” she said.

The expert even suggested using old clothes as a cleaning cloth.

For the pieces you decide to throw away, Leanne recommended putting them in a trash can that you can then sort through to decide if you want to sell them, donate them, or, for damaged clothes, throw them away.

Start by removing all items from your drawer


Start by removing all items from your drawer1 credit
Completing one small project will make you feel accomplished and more willing to start the next one.


Completing one small project will make you feel accomplished and more willing to start the next one.1 credit

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