September 28, 2022

IKEA’s new wall organizer can hold your yoga mat and more

They say peace comes from within, but if a little shopping brings us closer to zen, then we’re all for it. And it looks like IKEA’s new collection, Vårdande, is the perfect starting point. The newly launched 15-piece assortment is all about slowing down and reducing stress (fun fact: in Swedish, Vårdande means ‘to take care of’), and the brand’s two designers, Akanksha Deo and Sarah Fager, did just that. . They’ve worked with suppliers across Asia who are focused on providing long-term employment and education opportunities to marginalized groups on soothing products like waffle-knit bath towels and potties. jute plants. Of course, nothing puts us more at ease than a super functional storage unit.

Courtesy of IKEA

The item that excites our editors the most is the canvas wall organizer. We believe this is a lesser commitment (and way cheaper) version of Vitra’s iconic $600 Uten.Silo. IKEA’s vertical storage costs $18 and can be used in a million different ways, depending on your decluttering needs, but one thing’s for sure: it’ll hold your yoga mat. The 19 inch wide pocket at the bottom means you no longer have to tuck your mat under your bed where it will inevitably get dusty.

IKEA just released an $18 wall organizer that, wait for it, can hold a yoga mat

If you don’t want to use this find just for your workout staples, the good news is you don’t have to. Need your locker room to work hard? Hang it near the door and designate one compartment for keys, another for spare masks, and the widest slots for mail. In the bathroom, pin it up and fill it with hairbrushes and everyday beauty products. (Psst: the cubby yoga mat can also be used for rolled up towels.) Or display it on your nightstand as if it were a piece of art and fill it with books and glasses of reading. Your home will be well on its way to serenity in no time.