May 14, 2022

I’m a phone expert – eight ways to protect your device from hackers, including what to do when using public Wi-Fi

THERE are eight ways to protect your device from hackers, according to a phone expert.

Hackers use undetectable spyware to hack into your phone; Following these tips is an easy way to protect your phone and your personal information.


These eight tips can help protect your phone from potential hackers.Credit: Getty Images

Hacking has become increasingly common to gain access to someone’s personal information as more and more people use digital space to store information.

Smart phones are one of the devices that people frequently use to store information. These tips can help you secure your device at all times.

According to this website, the first and most crucial step in securing your phone is to add a pin.

This step will prevent anyone from simply unlocking your phone. It is also recommended to create a complex pin instead of a commonly used combination like 1234 or 9999.

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Another tip to protect your phone is not to download apps from unknown sources.

Downloading apps from mysterious third party sources can lead to the installation of unknown malware. iPhone users should not download apps outside of the App Store to prevent this from happening, according to the website.

If you have an Android, the Google Play Store has a feature called Google Play Protect that scans apps from its store to make sure you can download them safely. .

Another way to protect your device is to make sure it’s updated.

Delaying updating your phone can expose it to potential hacks.

The phone updates you receive may contain the latest security measures to ensure your device is protected.

These updates are also essential for applications.

App updates usually also contain improved security measures.

It is best to have a virtual private network (VPN) when using public networks. These help create a secure network for your device when using other WIFI networks.

Installing two-factor authentication can also help protect your social media accounts.

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It is also a good idea to install an anti-malware program and activate the find my device feature in case your phone is lost.

Finally, it’s a good idea to review the app permissions on your phone often to see which apps are taking your data. Sometimes apps can take your data without asking permission, so this is the best way to see what data is being shared.

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