November 23, 2022

I’m a professional organizer – here are my tips for spring cleaning and why you should always start with your wardrobe

As the weather warms up, that can only mean one thing: Spring is finally here.

And with the changing seasons comes spring cleaning, the ritual that gives people a clean slate (pun intended) at home.


Devon VonderHaar revealed his secrets to successful spring cleaningCredit: Instagram/devinvond
She suggested tackling your closet first


She suggested tackling your closet firstCredit: Getty

However, spring cleaning can often be overwhelming when you don’t know what to do first.

Well, Devin VonderHaar, professional organizer and home stylist at The Modern Minimalist and expert at, has shared her top tips for spring cleaning (and beyond).


“Start where you are. What’s your biggest problem? Start there,” she began.

“I like to follow the categories of the KonMari Method as a framework in an order to follow – starting with clothes, then books, paper, komono (miscellaneous items) then sentimental.”

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The KonMari method encourages organization by categories rather than areas.

“I think the phase of life, age and number of humans in the home, pets and lifestyle can all be factors to consider in areas that need the most aid.

“I find the kitchen, entryways/mudrooms, and storage/garage areas can all be spring hotspots.”


VonderHaar explained, “Spring is my favorite time of year. It’s about new life and fresh energy, and we can truly align with that energy by clearing old stagnant energy and mess.

“We start with our vision, then minimize through categories and energize our spaces with the excitement of spring!

“Seasonal decluttering is a great cadence, as we go through seasons, so do our homes.”


Previously, another cleaning expert revealed the five places people tend to overlook when spring cleaning.

After a winter spent eating snacks and movies, prepare your living space for spring by vacuuming sofas and chairs.

Use your vacuum attachments to clean every crevice.

Feel free to remove the cushions to chase away stubborn crumbs, and if you have a futon in the guest room, unfold it to make sure every section is clean.

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Once your sofa is clean, replace your cushions or their covers with something with a spring vibe.

You might also forget to clean your shower head, bedroom trash cans, car, and window curtains.

She also suggested tackling the most frequented places like your library.


She also suggested tackling the most frequented places like your library.Credit: Getty

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