June 29, 2022

I’m a professional organizer – my 5 tips will make your kitchen so much more orderly

Don’t waste time looking for a mug in your kitchen.

Professional organizer Leah Mari has posted a video sharing her top five kitchen storage tips.


A professional organizer shares her tips for tidying up her kitchenCredit: Instagram/eahmariorganization
She said to store similar items together


She said to store similar items together1 credit


Mari said the first step to organizing your kitchen is figuring out “what goes where.”

She said she likes to use sticky notes to indicate where she plans to put things.

For example, she’ll write “bowls” on a note and paste it where she plans to put her bowls, and so on until she has all of her cupboard space mapped out.


“Putting things where it makes your life easier,” the organizer said.

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“Some people like their glasses near the refrigerator, while others prefer them near the dishwasher.”

If you’d rather have a glass handy from the fridge when you’re thirsty, put it in the nearest cupboard.

But if you prefer to unload your dishwasher in a flash, store your dishes and glasses as close to the washer as possible.


Keep pots, pans, dishes and similar cutlery in your cupboards.

“If a category takes up more space, put it in a larger cabinet that’s still handy,” she said.


When tidying up, Mari said not to go overboard with the tidying stuff.

She recommended using draft dividers and an under-sink rack, but said you don’t have to have a ton of them.


If you have kids, the pro organization says give them their own cabinet or drawer.

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She said to make sure it’s a lower drawer or cabinet so your little ones can easily grab what they need on their own.

Many viewers loved Mari’s advice, even saying that packing and organizing her contents brought them “comfort”.

She uses sticky notes to map out her cabinets


She uses sticky notes to map out her cabinets1 credit
Designate a lower drawer or cabinet for children's things


Designate a lower drawer or cabinet for children’s things1 credit

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