November 23, 2022

I’m a professional organizer – there’s an easy and free way to keep your house tidy

Getting organized can seem daunting at first, but there are free and easy ways to get your home under control.

Kim Komando, who regularly shares organizing tips on Fox, says it’s all in the digital details — and most importantly, you don’t have to buy anything.


Organizing emails is an important part of running your home – according to an expertCredit: Alamy

“In the last five months I have sold the house we have lived in for 17 years and bought a temporary house that we live in until our new house is built,” she said. started.

“It’s the continuous stream of details from three homes, including utility bills, repair bills, home inspection reports, insurance documents, cable and internet bills, landscaping services, and much more.”

To keep everything in one place, the expert recommends that all homeowners have a personal email address just for their home.

Kim said: “Even if you’ve been living in the same house for years, emails can pile up. Creating an email account specifically for your home helps you manage and track all those messages with nothing. lost in the sea of ​​your main inbox.

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“It’s a good idea to share a dedicated personal email address with other members of your household. You and your spouse can manage messages without bothering each other to forward this or that.

“If you need more convincing, it’s a great idea to use this email to set up accounts for things like streaming services, Pinterest, grocery delivery, and anything else related to home.”

Kim says there are two ways to create an email address. You can create a brand new email account with its login details or create an alias account linked to your primary email address.

She understands that both methods have their pros and cons, but using an alias is easier because you can set up a folder to capture all emails sent to that account in your main inbox.

Once set up, all of your “home” messages should be in one place and easy to find.

And in case you regularly receive home-related messages from certain senders, Kim advises setting up automatic forwarding for specific contacts, sending those messages to your new inbox or label.

Instructions for doing this can be found on the gmail and Outlook help sites respectively.

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