November 23, 2022

I’m a professional organizer – there’s an easy way to keep your house tidy and it doesn’t require you to buy anything

A PROFESSIONAL organizer shares an easy way to keep your home tidy without having to buy anything.

With just a few simple steps, you could be well on your way to having a more efficiently organized home without spending a dime.


Komando says there’s an easy way to help keep your home organized

Kim Komando, a radio host covering consumer technology, says one of the best things you can do to stay organized is to create an email account for your home.

Komando recommends having a “digital home” to help keep your physical home organized.

Creating an email address for your home can help you keep track of your bills.

It can also be used to set up streaming service accounts within your household.

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Having one email address for all your accounts can mean a streamlined login process not just for streaming services and apps, but also for things like grocery and meal deliveries.

Although you can create a completely new email address, for security reasons Komando recommends using an alias.

You can create one in Gmail by adding a plus sign and a word or phrase to your email address.

An example of this would be [email protected]

Then you can create a folder and filter to send all your emails about your home to one place.

You can choose to have these emails skip your inbox and go straight to a specific folder, or you can create a label to choose where you want the messages to go.

However, it is important to note that these do not apply retroactively.

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Only emails you receive in the future will be filtered. But you can go back and put old emails in the new folder you created to stay organized.

You can also set up automatic forwarding so that emails from specific contacts go directly to your new folder or label.