December 1, 2022

[In Photos] Bulk shopping organizer is working hard to keep residents well-stocked in locked-down Shanghai

(Yicai Global) April 21 — As Shanghai’s Covid-19 lockdown stretches into its fourth week, residential communities are encouraged to do their daily shopping through online bulk shopping, as opposed to individual controls, to speed up efficiency. Yicai Global spoke with an education professional who has volunteered as a Group Buyer, or the person who initiates the group order, to find out what his new role entails.

Tomson, a young man in his 40s, has been working from home since his residential community closed on April 1. He is responsible for collecting orders for basic necessities from residents of the community, placing the orders online and paying for them, then distributing them to each household upon arrival. The tasks are very different from his normal job and much more demanding than he had imagined.

Tomson checks a beverage delivery, including bottled water, soft drinks and coffee, to make sure it’s accurate.

Tomson studies the list of commands on his phone. It has divided the community into seven blocks and has a special numbering system to make things easier.

Volunteers help transport goods from the entrance of the building to the residents’ doors. Here, a volunteer checks the list to see what to take where.

Tomson borrows the cleaners’ electric tricycle to make deliveries at the entrance to each block. He disinfects the tricycle after each use.

Tomson works late at night. Regardless of the time, it’s important that residents get their groceries on time, he says.

Editors: Dou Shicong, Kim Taylor