December 1, 2022

Jewelry Organizers Market Size 2022, By Segments, Growth,

Jewelry Organizers Market

Jewelry Organizer: Introduction
Jewelry organizer is a box, compact package or structure that is used to keep jewelry safe and easily accessible. It is useful for storing bracelets, rings and various other products in one place. It is very popular because it helps increase the shelf life and shine of expensive jewelry against debris, dust and other harmful factors.

Traders prefer having a jewelry organizer as it helps increase theft protection for expensive jewelry.

The Global Jewelery Organizers Market Forecast:

The global jewelry organizer market was worth USD 27,190.4 million in 2021 and is projected to grow with a CAGR of 7.8% over the period 2022-2030, amassing USD 29,454.0 million by the end of the market. evaluation period.

Global Jewelery Organizer Market Overview:
The jewelry organizer is very popular among merchants and common people. Shopkeepers prefer to have the jewelry organizer to enhance security and anti-theft protection for expensive jewelry. These key market players produced the jewelry organizer with manual key locks and digital code locks.

Moreover, the jewelry organizer helps to organize the jewelry in a beautiful way which accelerates its demand in the market.

Most people often find it difficult to organize jewelry at home. It hasn’t been easy to keep them neat, tidy and clean at home. The jewelry organizer keeps jewelry neat and clean and provides anti-theft protection. Therefore, the demand for jewelry organizer among the common people is increasing which will expand the growth of the market over the next few years.

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Global Jewelry Organizer Market: Market Dynamics
Anti-Theft Properties of Jewelry Organizers to Help Market Growth:

A jewelry organizer helps organize jewelry neatly and orderly. It is very helpful for ordinary people to keep necessary jewelry neat and clean. It also helps increase the shelf life and shine of expensive jewelry against debris, dust, and other harmful factors.

Shopkeepers prefer to have the jewelry organizer in their store because it provides anti-theft protection to expensive jewelry. Due to market demand, major market players are offering advanced security options in jewelry organizers such as digital code locks and manual code locks. These factors are expected to accelerate the growth of the global jewelry organizer market over the forecast period.

Growing demand for luxury jewelry and e-commerce penetration to fuel market growth:

The jewelry organizer is available in different shapes, sizes and patterns. Of all the designs, flat jewelry organizers are popular in stores because they take up less space and fit easily in cluttered closets.

The continuous progression of fashion and media influence has affected people’s jewelry choices. The demand for luxury jewelry is on the rise as a result. The jewelry organizer market is expected to grow exponentially over the forecast period.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries were under forced confinement to avoid contamination. During the lockdown, people’s shopping choices have changed dramatically. People have started to favor online shopping which has increased the penetration of e-commerce in the market.

Changing people’s shopping habits and penetrating e-commerce industries are contributing to the growth of the jewelry organizer market.

Key Segmentation of the Global Jewelry Organizers Market:

The global jewelry organizer market can be divided into product types, materials, sales channels, assembly, geographical landscapes, and others.

Jewelry Organizer Market Segment By Type:
Bags and pouches
Others (Wallets, Pockets, Rolls, etc.)

Jewelry Organizer Market Segment By Material:
Paper and cardboard
In wood
Others (Steel, Marble, etc.)

Jewelry Organizer Market Segmentation by Sales Channel:
Retail stores
Others (Online platform, etc.)

Jewelry Organizer Market Segmentation By Type:
Revolving shelf

Global Jewelery Organizer Market Segment By Type:

North America
Asia Pacific
South America
Middle East and Africa
Major Key Players of the Global Jewelery Organizers Market are:

Ellis James Designs,
Jack Cube

The COVID-19 impact analysis:
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted demand and the supply chain. Globally, many manufacturing units have had to halt production due to enforced lockdowns and strict government policies. Manufacturers have also been unable to produce products due to labor shortages and unavailability of raw materials.

Additionally, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, customer choices and inclinations have changed drastically. They spent more on life-saving products and medicines than on jewelry and luxury items. These factors have had a negative impact on the growth of the Jewelry Organizer market.

However, after the Covid-19 pandemic, the government gradually relaxed the rules and lifted the lockdown, and the global market started to function normally. Therefore, the demand for the jewelry organizer has been gradually accelerating, resulting in a significant expansion of the jewelry organizer market.

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