September 28, 2022

Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Plastic Wrap, Foil and Bag Organizer

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Now that fall business has picked up, we at Kitchn are scrambling to find ways to streamline and organize our days, especially where life and food intersect. A major skill we rely on when the calendar is full? Meal preparation !

Between busy days at the office (or your work-from-home office), weekends spent exploring all the apples your area has to offer, and a multitude of activities in between, the idea of ​​cooking meals at Starting from scratch every day can start to feel daunting. That’s why it’s so important to stay super organized – and to invest in a few smart products that will help you along the way, like this Joseph CupboardStore plastic, aluminum and bagged cabinet organizer that changes the given.

If you’re unfamiliar with Joseph Joseph, know this: the brand is absolutely perfect for creating smart, inexpensive storage and organization solutions that make calming the chaos in your kitchen much, much easier. Convenient spice rack and dry food storage at the lid. holders, and more. Our latest find locks neatly to an interior shelf in your cabinet (no nails or hardware required!). The small but mighty divided shelf can hold meal prep essentials like plastic wrap, foil, plastic storage bags, and more – it’s even roomy enough to store reusable options and eco-friendly like silicone storage bags and Bee’s Wrap.

This handy organizer can adorn the inside of a cabinet, your pantry, or anywhere else you have a 3/4″ thick shelf (the bathroom, maybe?). Each organizer comes with 3M tape to help it adhere strongly – and almost permanently – to your shelf, all without stripping the paint or surface finish when you’re ready to remove it.

Like many Joseph Joseph items, this organizer is a big hit with shoppers, racking up nearly 700 five-star reviews on Amazon alone. Buyers love its usefulness for food preparation and storage, but also for so many After, such as silicone baking sheets, fancy cutlery, and other items that tend to get lost or darken. “These under-the-shelf storage solutions are great,” says one reviewer. “They install very easily and the hold of the 3M tape is very strong. I use mine to hold my silicone baking mats and parchment papers. My mats were unrolling and moving all over the cupboard, now they stay rolled up and out of the way! Adds another happy shopper, “[I] I didn’t know these things existed until I came across them on Amazon. This is quite handy for small boxes of aluminum foil etc. It would make them easier to get to and not under the things we don’t use often. »