December 1, 2022

Levidian installs its first hydrogen methane device in the UK

Cambridge-based cleantech startup Levidian has installed the first of its greenhouse gas reduction LOOP devices in the UK, in partnership with Eco Group.

The devices, which will be deployed in the south of Scotland, break down methane into hydrogen and carbon atoms, with the carbon then used to create graphene, a wonderful material. The process takes place without the use of catalysts or additives.

“LOOP will be a powerful tool for industrial decarbonisation and fits well with Scotland’s green ambitions – we look forward to working with Eco to deploy LOOPs and integrate graphene to help us get to net zero,” said said John Hartley, CEO of Levidian. .

The Levidian UK LOOP is also the first in the world to feature fully integrated hydrogen separation. The unit will supply hydrogen and graphene to research and development projects.

Plans are currently underway to add 60 LOOP1000 units in Scotland and further afield over the next five years. The company claims that each LOOP1000 has the potential to eliminate 2,400 tonnes of CO2e each year.

South of Scotland Enterprise (SOSE) awarded Eco Group a grant of £331,000 to fund the 60 LOOPs.

Dr. Martin Valenti, Director of Net Zero at SOSE, said: “SOSE supports the creation and live testing of new technologies with Eco Group, which focuses on taking natural gas and methane and breaking it down to provide hydrogen and graphene.

“This could then be used for low-energy solutions for heating buildings and for battery storage, which would be a significant step forward in our collective journey to Net Zero.”

In May, the cleantech company signed a £700million export deal with Zero Carbon Ventures for its loops to be used in the United Arab Emirates.