December 1, 2022

Lifewit Launches 24 Adjustable Plastic Seasoning Jar Organizer and Spice Tray

DOVER, DE, Sept. 07, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Generally, everything has its place in the kitchen. A designated drawer for small gadgets, a recessed spot in the pantry for color-coded bins, and most people have even found an efficient way to store awkwardly shaped pots and pans. All the while, most people still haven’t decided how to organize their spices – until now, with Lifewit’s Plastic Adjustable Seasoning Jar Organizer.

The Lifewit Plastic Seasoning Jar Organizer is made with an adjustable design, which makes the rack expandable with full customization, allowing it to fit into drawers of different sizes. No need to worry about the spice rack slipping due to the wrong size when opening and closing the drawer. Users can also customize how they are combined according to actual usage needs.

Speaking of their racks, an executive from the company said, “Our racks include a set of 3 tier spice jar organizer that can accommodate 24 standard spice bottles. This angled design allows you to see at a glance. Eye the stored spice jars and find what you need.Improve space utilization with this drawer storage and better organize your kitchen space.

In addition to being used to store spices and condiments in kitchen drawers and counters, Lifewit’s spice rack can also be used in cabinets, shelves and the pantry to store essential oils, containers, vitamins, nail polish, herbs, medications and other items. It can also be used in the bathroom for organization.

Like all of the company’s other products, the Lifewit Spice Rack is made with the highest quality materials on the market. Made of transparent plastic material, it is durable and transparent with smooth surface. It’s not as heavy as a metal shelf and has no sharp corners; therefore, users need not worry about damaging their drawers. It is easy to wash with water, but NOT in the dishwasher.

Lifewit’s spice racks have garnered rave reviews from its users. Durability, smooth surface and light weight were important talking points. “I love these grids! I ordered it and they sent it on the expected date. It is more durable than other racks I use. Highly recommend and for sure I will buy from this company again,” said an enthusiastic customer.

Spice tray products aren’t Lifewit’s only products. The company also offers an abundance of beautifully designed kitchen organizers, end tables, storage bags, laundry baskets, shoe organizers, refrigerator organizers, clothes organizers, rugs and of lunch bags on its Amazon page, all designed to help its customers create a space that’s in tune with their own pace.

For an in-depth look at the Lifewit Adjustable Plastic Seasoning Jar Organizer, check out the product on the company’s amazon page.

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