September 28, 2022

Motorola Edge 2022 hands-on: A decent mid-range phone powered by MediaTek

Source: Pocketnow


In most countries of the world, buying subsidized phones is not a thing. You walk into a store, locate the phone you want, and pick it up at retail price or through monthly installments offered by partner banks (or the manufacturer itself). In North America, the situation is quite different, as carriers tend to offer devices at prices that completely change the purchasing dynamic. The Motorola Edge 2022 is such a device.

With a retail price of $600, the device is a sensible follow-up to last year’s $700 2021 Edge, with a few upgrades that make it a better deal. And in this review, we’ll detail our first thoughts on this phone from the limited time we spent with it at a Moto event.



an image showing the plain gray back of the Motorola Edge 2022 Source: Pocketnow

The 2022 Edge comes with an all-plastic build – except for the display, of course – and in a single gray colorway. While its sleek, thin and light design immediately made it onto our pros list, we wish the device would trade some of that weight advantage for an aluminum midframe or perhaps a taller glass back. range. Regardless of its appearance, the ergonomics of this device are excellent. There’s a subtle curve to the back, making it slimmer and easier to grip. The device is also smaller than the previous generation, which adds to its maneuverability.

Looking at the rear panel, you’ll see a three-camera setup on an island that resembles other Moto devices launched in the past couple of years, along with a simple Motorola logo. The volume rocker and power button are on the right edge, while the left remains clear of any functionality. At the bottom, you’ll find the standard setup for most phones: speaker grill, microphone, USB Type-C port, and SIM tray (no microSD). The top only houses a secondary mic, but if you check the front of the device, you’ll notice a significant change.


an image showing the Motorola Edge 2022's 6.6-inch OLED display
Motorola Edge features a 6.6-inch 10-bit FHD+ 144z OLED panel.
Source: Pocketnow

The display used on the Edge 2022 is a 6.6-inch 144Hz 144Hz 10-bit OLED flat panel with DCI-P3 color space support. That’s a lot, right? But let us tell you, it’s a beautiful display. Moto has always done well with its choice of panels, and the 2022 Edge is no exception. As it’s OLED this year, there’s an optical fingerprint scanner below the display and a smaller chin along the bottom edge. Although decent, last year’s 6.8-inch LCD had a chunky bottom bezel.

Overall, this device looks and feels nice, and the hardware combines with the software (My UX, based on Android 12) to enhance the user experience.


a showing the triple camera array on Motorola edge 2022 Source: Pocketnow

With the 2022 Edge, Moto offers solid camera hardware, at least on paper. The main shooter is a 50MP sensor with an f/1.8 lens that supports optical image stabilization and has phase detection autofocus. The secondary camera is a 13MP ultrawide with a 120-degree field of view and autofocus. The AF on this lens allows Moto to offer a macro mode that you can experiment with. Rounding out this camera array is a somewhat redundant 2MP depth sensor.

In our opinion, the depth sensor really should be a telephoto lens, mainly because the $600 retail price of this device puts it in the high-end mid-range category.

When it comes to camera performance, over the past couple of years Motorola has consistently offered decent camera specs. Still, it doesn’t have a great track record with photos produced from its devices, so the verdict is still out with the 2022 Edge.

processor and battery

Motorola edge 2022 placed on a translucent blue box with a focus on its USB C port Source: Pocketnow

As for performance, the Edge 2022 packs a Dimensity 1050, MediaTek’s first SoC to support mmWave 5G. In the limited time we’ve spent with the device, day-to-day performance seems pretty solid. Benchmark results are something we’ll have to leave for later, but the Edge range hasn’t disappointed so far, and we expect this model to do just as well.

Endurance is also one of the highlights of this phone as it comes with a 5000mAh battery. And for those of you who care (you know who you are), this device also has wireless charging. On the wired front, there’s support for 30W charging. Unfortunately, the Edge 2022 doesn’t come with a charger in the box.

Price and availability

According to Moto, this phone will go on sale “in the coming weeks” on T-Mobile for $498 (6/128GB), and you can pick it up for free when a new line is added. Thereafter, it will gradually become available on AT&T, Verizon (with mmWave 5G support), US Cellular and other carriers.

You’ll also be able to purchase an unlocked version of the Edge 2022 (8/256GB) from Amazon, Best Buy, and Motorola’s website for $500, which is a promotional price, after which it will revert to its standard price of $600. .

Our thoughts

an image showing the back panel of the Motorola Edge 2022 Source: Pocketnow

The Motorola Edge 2022 is a decent phone, but it’s only really competitive if bought at a discount or through a carrier deal. Otherwise, it’s outdone by cheaper competition in terms of value and specs.

At $600, it’s priced close to the excellent OnePlus 10T, which is arguably the better phone because it sports a flagship SoC – the TSMC-based Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 – and features an eye-catching glass back. Add headline-grabbing features like 150W fast charging, and you’ve got a phone that’s capturing eyeballs and eventually sales. And when looking at cheaper alternatives, the Google Pixel 6a is a better device overall because at $450 it offers early access to the latest bells and whistles of Android 13, and offers a significantly better camera. than almost all of its competitors.

But considering the Edge 2022’s “special introductory price” of $500 for the unlocked version, the device becomes a better value proposition. The 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage are nice to have, and the quality 144Hz display is a key selling point.

What do you think of the Edge 2022? Do you think this is a device you would consider at full retail price, or will carrier deals get you the phone? Let us know in the comment below.