September 28, 2022

Mudeela pot organizer is an essential kitchen storage tool

If you’re still rummaging through cupboards for pots and pans, it’s time to add the Mudeela Pot Organizer to your Amazon cart.

Every kitchen has that frying pan that manages to find its way to the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. It often takes getting on all fours and emptying the cabinet to get it back, no matter how many clever ways to clean and organize your cabinets you use. That is, until now. Thanks to the Mudeela pot organizer, the hard work of keeping pots within easy reach is over.

The Mudeela pot organizer racks up rave reviews on Amazon (over 11,000!) for responding to our organization of pots and pans misfortunes. So what is the secret behind this genius kitchen organizer? Reviewers swear by the “decluttering” wizardry of the Mudeela Pot Organizer, calling it a hassle-free space saver that provides a home for pots, pans, and even their lids. They love that the organizer offers three methods of assembly, making it a handy place for kitchen utensils in spacious cabinets and oddly tight spaces.

Here’s everything you need to know about this best-selling pot and pan organizer on Amazon and where to buy it.

What is a Mudeela pot organizer?

The Mudeela Pot Organizer is an eight-tier adjustable rack that stores pots, pans, lids and even baking dishes and cutting boards on individual M-shaped shelves. It is a durable yet compact kitchen organizer, and fits three ways depending on how much space you’re working with (more on configurations below). Pots and pans sit comfortably on their individual racks, which are adjustable for height and length. The best part of all? No screws or heavy installation is required, and only a few inches of kitchen cabinet space is needed.

Product Features:

  • 3.2 pounds
  • Black iron construction
  • Mounts under kitchen cabinets
  • M-shaped dividing grids made of non-slip silicone
  • Three adjustable sizes

How to use a Mudeela pot organizer

Before assembling the Mudeela pot organizer, it is important to measure the cabinet space you are working with. This will impact how the kitchen organizer is assembled. You can choose between three different organizer configurations: laying parallel to the ground; standing with racks hanging horizontally on one side; or standing with brackets hanging horizontally on both sides. The latter is ideal for installing several pots and pans. But it takes up the most space in kitchen cabinets, so beware of small apartment dwellers.

Once you’ve measured your cabinet and decided on its assembly method, grab the pots and pans you want to organize and start stacking them on the individual M-shaped shelves. The organizer has eight tiers, so up to eight pots and pans can fit, depending on their size. Play around with grills and cookware until you find your perfect fit!

Once it’s installed and the kitchen cabinets are clutter-free, you’ll be happy to have this kitchen gadget close at hand whenever you pick up a pot or pan – no more digging over your hands and your knees.

The best user reviews from Amazon

A Verified Amazon Reviewer gives five stars to pot organizer Mudeela, adding, “We have a large cupboard to store pots and pans, but it has no shelves or drawers. There was so much wasted space, and all my pots and pans were stacked on top of each other like a Jenga game – it was a mess! It was the perfect solution.

Gaby, another verified Amazon reviewer attests to the solidity of the organizer. “The fact that it’s adjustable should be the only selling point you need. It’s so easy to put together once you know the measurements of where you want it to go. It’s sturdy, doesn’t tip over, and organizes everything to make it easily accessible. Worth the price and no tools required.

And Verified Amazon Reviewer, JoAnna, testifies to the versatility of the product. “It’s great for the price. For now, I prefer to have the pans on the side. It is very convenient to quickly grab a pan and easily store dishes without having to re-stack the pans each time they need to be stored.

While Amazon reviewers attest to the Mudeela Pan Organizer’s ability to hold heavy pots and pans without tipping over, some reviewers have found that it isn’t strong enough to hold cast iron pans. We recommend using this product only to organize cast iron pans.

Where to Buy Mudeela Pot Organizer

If you’re ready to implement one of the best kitchen storage ideas, the Mudeela Pot Organizer is available for purchase at Amazon and walmart. Prices tend to change, but you’ll usually find the best deal on Amazon.

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