June 29, 2022

New LCRT-2005H-S handheld meter for spectral transmission and haze

Transparent materials are essential in many industrial sectors, such as for the glazing of buildings or vehicles. In the case of packaging, the films used must, on the one hand, ensure the safe packaging and storage of foodstuffs and other products. On the other hand, they must also offer a view of the product. The requirements are diverse and numerous.

For example, the protective screens smartphone, laptop or tablet screens need to provide a good view of the information displayed while reducing glare from ambient light by minimizing haze effects. With the LCRT-2005H-S Gigahertz-Optik offers the ideal measuring device to examine these optical properties of materials.

On the one hand, the LCRT-2005H-S offers the possibility to perform spectral transmission measurements on transparent materials according to CIE 130 and DIN 5036. Compared to its predecessor LCRT-2005-S, it offers an extended spectral range from 380 nm to 780 nm (previously 425 nm to 705 nm) and a transmission measurement range of 5% to 100%. On the other hand, the LCRT-2005H-S is equipped with a light trap that allows spectral haze measurements according to ASTM D1003-13 to achieve.

The device offers modes of operation both as a mobile handheld meter and as a wired remote controlled unit that communicates with a PC. A selection of mechanical configurations and brackets, including an example of fixing, are available as accessories.