December 1, 2022

News to know: an explosive device found and an old fire truck

The news you need to know before you head out the door

PARSONS, Kan. – Labette County deputies responded to 3803 W Main Street in Parsons regarding a suspicious SUV. When the deputies arrived, they found 3 people coming out of a warehouse that did not belong to them. Authorities searched the SUV and found a pipe bomb. Two of the people – Daniel Mitchell and Holly Vanwinkle – were arrested on active warrants.

JOPLIN, Mo. – Missouri Southern is teaming up with Active Minds for “Send Silence Packing” in the oval. Active Minds is a non-profit suicide prevention organization working to change the culture around mental health. The “Send Silence Packing” exhibit features stories of people who have been affected by suicide. These stories are attached to backpacks which are then laid out on the lawn and hallway for students to read.

PARSONS, Kan. — The Great Plains Industrial Park in Parsons celebrates its 10th anniversary. The celebration gives businesses the opportunity to hear about the future of the industrial park and meet stakeholders who are partnering with the Great Plains Development Authority. At the event — Park My Fleet announced its partnership with GPIP.

CARTHAGE, Mo. — The city of Carthage has a newly restored 1939 fire truck and it might even make an appearance in the Maple Leaf Festival parade this weekend. It is equipped with a pump, water tanks and land and air ladders. According to the owner of the truck, one of the interesting aspects of this project is the number of local artisans who have helped restore the truck.