August 6, 2022

OnePlus reveals the launch date of the OnePlus 10T, a device equipped with the most powerful chipset from Qualcomm

Just a few days ago we were talking about possible specifications and a release date for the OnePlus 10T, an upcoming powerful phone from the Chinese brand. From the information we have, it looks like the device will launch by the end of July. But we were just a little off the mark.

Gotham Hall will host the launch event for the new OnePlus 10T model, which is slated for August 3. The OnePlus community itself brings the news, so there’s no reason to be skeptical this time.

OnePlus 10T integrates the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 mobile platform

The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 mobile platform is Qualcomm’s newest and most powerful processor, and it’s mounted on the upcoming OnePlus 10T phone. That’s enough for anyone to get a good idea of ​​the phone’s quality, since mentioning the rest of the specs is pretty much pointless. It is clear that they practically have to match the powerful chipset.

Judging from the previous information, the next OnePlus phone will come in two RAM versions, and both are mind-boggling: 8GB and 12GB. There will also be two storage options, and things seem “normal” in this domain: 128 GB and 256 GB.

The possible presence of the 160W fast charger supporting 150W super flash charging is also worth mentioning. This will surely be necessary, given that the OnePlus 10T will also pack a powerful 4,800 mAh battery. That means plenty of power to keep you using the phone for an entire day on a single charge and under moderate to heavy use. Judging by our estimate, you shouldn’t expect the battery to last that long if you’re using high-end games, for example.

As everyone already expected, the OnePlus 10T model will also feature 5G capabilities. A flagship without 5G in 2022 would be pretty absurd.