May 18, 2022

Open Spaces Organizer Storage Bins Editor Review 2022

When it comes to organizational products, I’m sure there’s a lot of bric-a-brac out there. The goal for them is to make things look better, so if they’re not really stylish, then what’s the point? I’ve spent a lot of time researching beautiful and useful options, and my current favorite brand is Open Spaces.

I already own a number of her bestsellers, ranging from this sleek shoe rack that doubles as a lovely bookcase to her handy little nesting trays. I was recently on a mission to revamp my linen closet, so I knew the large set of storage bins ($88 for two) was my next investment. I even went all out and treated myself to the smaller set of medium storage bins ($54 for two).

I had no idea how useful that would actually be. When you live in a small space, no matter how organized you are, you always collect odds and ends and little trinkets that don’t necessarily look good on display. That’s where these come in. I can add all the little extras to them, like spare bulbs, cables, paperwork, and anything else I want to conceal. Suddenly, my closet looks like an organized dream, rather than a place where I store all my miscellaneous household items.

The bins come in three sizes, and next on my wish list are the small ones for organizing my bathroom stuff. I love that they come in pretty colors, and you have a choice of plastic or wood lids, depending on your aesthetic. They’re stackable, easy to use, and, honestly, just plain stylish. Get some for yourself now.

Image source: POPSUGAR Photography / Krista Jones

Large set of storage bins
Medium Storage Bin Set