August 6, 2022

ORPC Team to Test Hydro-Kinetic Device in Maine – reNews

US-based ORPC is partnering with nonprofit Our Katahdin to establish a test center at One North, the former Great Northern Paper Mill site, to support next-generation design and development of the system hydro-kinetic supply from the river of the former.

ORPC will assemble, test and demonstrate at Millinocket in the US state of Maine a smaller version of its marketed RivGen device (Photo) called Modular RivGen.

Modular RivGen is designed for use in grid-connected markets, with applications for major rivers, electric vehicle (EV) charging networks, hydroelectric facilities, irrigation canals and bridges, jetties, breakwaters -blades and flood control systems.

The company has secured funding from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Waterpower Technologies to help initiate development of related products and markets.

It will begin product testing later this year in Millinocket Creek adjacent to the former factory property.

ORPC will also work with Our Katahdin to assess the site as a future production facility and exhibition space, in addition to infrastructure for contemporary hydrokinetic test facilities and demonstration of use cases such as recharge. electric vehicles.

Our Katahdin Board Chairman, Sean DeWitt, said, “We welcome ORPC to the portfolio of innovative companies working with Our Katahdin to help transform, grow and improve the economy of the greater region. of Katahdin.

“Our partnership with ORPC is a new example of the adequacy of our territory to the new economic opportunities linked to innovative technologies.

ORPC Managing Director Stuart Davies said, “Our expansion into Millinocket provides ORPC with a second product development site in Maine, complementing our successful and ongoing tidal energy product development business in Eastport.

“Our company is expanding its presence in Maine and creating jobs. Securing the partnership with Our Katahdin helps strengthen ORPC’s strategy for future market growth.

In 2021, ORPC’s RivGen Power System, operated in partnership with the Village of Igiugig, Alaska.

The project provides baseload renewable energy from the free-flowing Kvichak River to the remote community.

In 2022, with the addition of a second RivGen device, smart grid controls and a battery energy storage system, Igiugig will reduce its diesel consumption by 60-90%.