September 28, 2022

OXO Expandable Wall Organizer Review

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When I moved from New York to the suburbs a little over a year ago, I expected so many pain points in my house to disappear. As many of us know, city living often comes with comfortable spaces, and after a decade of cramming as much life as possible into 400 square feet, I was ready for some room to to breathe. I had big dreams of a walk-in pantry, a mudroom where I wouldn’t have to look at my coat and boots all winter, and a utility closet that would keep all my supplies clean and tidy.

Although I am extremely in love with the house we ended up in, I am here to say that most – no, everything – of these fantasies were just that: chimeras. While we probably have could found a home that boasted a retail-grade pantry or utility closet, we ended up in a 200-year-old colonial. And let me tell you this: these people didn’t really care where to hide their Dyson or their mop.

Living in an apartment, life in our house has forced us to find creative solutions for our belongings, especially in terms of storage. Cleaning supplies, in particular, have been a serious issue for me – we too often use our vacuum cleaners, mops and Swiffers to store in the basement (hello, life with a toddler and a dog is messy) but I’m totally against keeping them out in the open. Luckily for me (and maybe for you, fellow commissioners?) OXO has the key: the expandable wall organizer.

This handy wall-mounted gadget instantly transforms any blank strip of wall space into an improvised mudroom or utilitarian tote that can literally, well, catch anything. The adjustable design extends from 15 inches to 24 inches, with customizable latches and non-slip hooks that can be arranged to accommodate hard-to-store tools and supplies (think: mop handles of varying widths, dustpans , etc.). Clips can be adjusted to be as far apart or as close as you want, allowing you to maximize available storage space and eliminate unnecessary clutter.

Personally, I plan on attaching this organizer to the back of my basement door to keep my cleaning supplies out of sight while still close at hand. But that’s just me – other buyers have used it everywhere from the pantry to the bathroom. “Cleaning is my least favorite chore, so laying money on a rack to store tools to clean up with wasn’t easy,” says one reviewer on Amazon. “Mounting the rack might have been easier!” What he actually was. I didn’t need any help and I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a ‘do-it-yourselfer’. I used [the organizer] for some time now and so far it has held up exceptionally well. It’s horizontally adjustable, which I like, so before you hang it, you can figure out how wide you want it. I like the lever-style latches that hold my OXO poles and handles on pretty well, and there are enough hooks to hang my dusters and anything else that needs to be hung. The rack keeps everything neatly stored in one place, and when you live in a small home, this kind of organization means less clutter and less clutter.

Whether you own the vast laundry room of my dreams or are looking for a little space to organize your cleaning accessories, OXO’s Expandable Wall Organizer could be the key to your storage success. Plus, at under $30, you really can’t go wrong!