August 6, 2022

Professional organizer picks the best pre-Memorial Day storage deals – starting at $20

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Your storage solutions should look pretty as a picture. (Photo: HSN)

As an interior designer and founder of Burrow & Nest Design Studio, I offer organization as one of my services, and I always keep storage in mind when designing spaces for my clients. One of my mantras: form and function are equally important. That’s why your storage solutions should be as attractive as anything on display in your home. Even if these solutions are behind closed doors in your home, like in a closet or pantry, the containers you use to organize inside should be easy on the eyes. When your storage seems chaotic, it creates more stress and upheaval in your life – and no one needs it.

Fortunately, HSN has a number of attractive storage solutions that will not only keep you neat and tidy, but also look great no matter where they are in your home. This means they can be in the closet or in the middle of the living room and not be an eyesore. And the best part? They’re all marked down for HSN’s pre-Memorial Day sale! So take a look at these great options below, all of which are on sale right now so you can gather your things in time to relax during the summer.

Plus, if you don’t want to pay it all at once, opt for Flex Pay options with interest charges instead. If you are a first HSN buyer, use the code HELLO10 at checkout for an additional $10 off.

Clover by Jo Set of 2 Seagrass Baskets with Handles

So versatile, these baskets are available in two colorways.  (Photo: HSN)

So versatile, these baskets are available in two colorways. (Photo: HSN)

Let’s start with a particularly pretty pair of baskets that really catch the eye, but not what’s stored inside. I love the hint of black in these bohemian beauties, but they also come in a lighter neutral weave. These are attractive enough to use anywhere in the home, from bedrooms to living rooms. The handles make them convenient to carry around the house. And when you don’t need them, they nest inside each other.

Fill with blankets or books and magazines in the living room; use them for laundry in the bedroom; fill up with toiletries and toilet paper in the bath. The options are endless with both sizes included, now just $60 for the pair.

$60 $70 at HSN

Large Origami 4 Tier Collapsible Stand with Wheels

4 tier copper storage shelf

This pup collapses when not in use. (Photo: HSN)

Origami has designed storage solutions with their own storage solutions – yes please! Sometimes you need extra storage seasonally. When you unload this 4-tier rack at Christmas with your seasonal decoration, for example, you can fold it flat and store it under a bed or against a wall. I love this idea – its sturdy and durable shelves will serve you in the garage, playroom, pantry, or anywhere you need instant shelving. And unlike those bulky plastic versions, this one can be folded up and stored away when not in use. It comes with optional casters so you can roll it if needed. Smart design makes the best solutions.

Said a fan, “I have about 10 origami shelves in use and 2 ready to use. They are the strongest and most practical shelves around. When not in use, just fold them up and put them away for the next project.”

$130 $150 at HSN

Design Imports Set of 2 Farmhouse Black Wire Baskets

Charming stripes add style to your storage.  (Photo: HSN)

Charming stripes add style to your storage. (Photo: HSN)

Another pair of nesting baskets, these adorable stripe-lined baskets are just begging to be used in your pantry or laundry room. They are food safe, so I think onions and potatoes have found their new home. Wipe or tear off the liner and give it a good shake to remove any stray onion skins. The wire frame makes them light and airy. They will give that modern farmhouse touch that is always in style to any place you can imagine. Two sizes allow for a variety of uses.

$70 $86 at HSN

Mind Reader Wire Mesh Desk Organizer

blue paper folder

Keep stacks of paper clean. (Photo: HSN)

If your desk looks like a little bomb that went off, you need one of these desk organizers. While it’s prudent to go paperless, we still end up with postal mail, important documents, and a host of other papers and receipts that still need to be organized. Perfect for kids’ homework and on-going projects, this desk organizer has six slots to keep everything in one place, so you don’t lose anything. I like the little side pockets for mail and other supplies like staplers, scissors, tape, or your phone while it’s charging. And it’s on sale for just $20.

$20 $31 at HSN

Get Neat with Lisa Set of 2 Laundry Baskets

Soft so you can store more.  (Photo: HSN)

Soft so you can store more. (Photo: HSN)

These softly shaped linen lined bins are another great storage solution. The durable bamboo rim holds their shape and the fabric base makes them collapsible, so you can flatten them and store them until you need them. The soft shape is perfect for storing linens and other bedding, toilet paper, or anything else that might need a little space to fit in your bins. Available in gray or white to complement your decor. Save $20 on this pair.

This satisfied user says: “Very well made and of good quality. It is also very pretty. I highly recommend this brand…”

$35 $55 at HSN

Origami Set of 2 Metal Stacking Baskets

pair of teal wire stackable wire baskets

Stackable means you can go upright. (Photo: HSN)

Vertical storage is always tricky – how do you maximize space in your gaping bathroom vanity or kitchen cabinets that don’t have enough shelves? These stackable wire baskets are the perfect solution. The open metal structure prevents dust from settling inside and allows food and other stored items to breathe. Half a dozen shades are available which is great for color coding – fruit in this bin, meat in this bin, etc. Plus, they fit that Origami rack above, so you’ll want to bring them to the soup for even more storage options.

Says one smart five star reviewer, “Exactly what I was looking for…I needed these for my chest freezer and they fit perfectly…”

$50 $65 at HSN

Clover by Jo Water Hyacinth Storage Pouf

Storage disguised as furniture.  (Photo: HSN)

Storage disguised as furniture. (Photo: HSN)

This woven water hyacinth pouf is durable and long-lasting, made of natural fibers around a metal frame, and fits in well with a variety of aesthetics, from bohemian to coastal. At less than 20 inches round and 12 inches tall, they can fit anywhere in your home where you need extra storage. Quickly store toys in the living room or playroom, or use them in the bedroom. The lid easily removes for quick access. Consider stacking two as an end table.

Says one perfect reviewer, “I love this beanbag! I was worried it wouldn’t be sturdy enough to put things in, but it definitely is! Plus, it can hold even more than I thought. I love this piece and it goes with everything!”

$90 $100 at HSN

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