November 23, 2022

Prom dress organizer scrambles after 300 dresses were accidentally thrown away

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) – For high schoolers, prom is fast approaching, and for some families, affording a nice prom dress is a challenge.

That’s where LaShay B’s prom dress campaign comes in. But on Thursday, she learned that nearly a decade of dresses had been destroyed.

“It’s helped people who lost their jobs within a month of their young daughter’s prom,” said LaShay B.

For the past nine years, local radio host LaShay B has hosted a prom dress drive to help families in need. As she went to check out the dresses in store on Thursday, she made a shocking discovery.

“The dresses were gone. And I shed all my tears, I hope,” she said.

Lashay says the maintenance crew accidentally threw away about three hundred ball gowns; a mistake that could prevent needy women from getting the perfect dress.

“The wrong boxes were seized and the dresses were in turn destroyed. I was really emotional. It’s something, not just me, that the community has built. You think of so many young women who potentially could have been helped and may not be helped this year because of a mistake,” she said.

LaShay is already out appealing to friends and businesses to try and get as many dresses as possible.

During the last drive before COVID, around 150 young women took advantage of this drive.

“We hope to spread and hope to get as many donations and build everything as quickly as possible this year, for another successful year.”

If you would like to donate, you can drop off dresses of all sizes at WEUP radio station on Jordan Lane in Huntsville.

You can also contact LaShay on the drive’s Facebook page to arrange a pickup.

She is accepting donations until March 18. The collection will take place on March 19 at the Hogan Family YMCA.

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