May 14, 2022

Ripple: Mobile Device Management (MDM) Review

Armed with a mandate to eliminate the admin work associated with running a business, Rippling provides the Mobile Device Management (MDM) software needed to manage all your devices.

Rippling is a global company. Although their first location was in San Francisco, California, they also have offices in Bangalore, India, Beijing, China, and Warsaw, Poland. Their team of over 1,000 employees can speak over 30 languages ​​and come from diverse backgrounds.

The MDM market

The mobile device management market is growing, largely due to the growing number of employees working remotely.

The ripple is competing with major competitors, such as Jamf, and others reputable MDM vendors, such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Scalefusion.


Device integration

Whether configuring hardware for a new hire or upgrading equipment for an existing employee, Rippling helps an IT team buy or repurpose devices.

  • Order Mac or PC computers, monitors and other peripherals
  • View and manage unused devices in your organization’s inventory
  • Erase old data, if necessary
  • Automatically install the software applications needed by your employees, with the required accounts and permissions based on their roles
  • Ship Devices

Secure and Manage

IT teams can use Rippling to secure their mobile devices and automatically protect corporate data.

  • Disable devices while relocating
  • Encrypt employee hard drives
  • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Apply operating system and security updates
  • Lock and wipe lost or stolen devices
  • Identify and block viruses

Store and ship

Unused devices can be safely stored in Rippling’s offsite warehouse.

  • Receive ratings and save the status of each device and view it from your dashboard
  • Store new devices in Rippling’s warehouse, so they’re ready to deploy when needed
  • No need to physically interact with any of your devices

Decommission and recover

Eliminate the pain associated with device relocation when employees leave.

  • Schedule a date and time when an employee’s device should be locked
  • Choose to wipe the data remotely, leave the device as is, or ship it to the Rippling warehouse to be processed automatically according to your instructions
  • Manually pick up a device or arrange for Rippling to pick it up, providing employees with a return box and prepaid shipping label


With Rippling MDM, IT teams can manage an entire fleet of devices.

  • Remotely install and manage software applications on any device, including custom applications
  • Create custom profiles to control access to Wi-Fi, VPN, printers, and other devices and services
  • Run shell scripts remotely
  • Real-time activity feed provides current and continuous snapshots of all your IT assets, helping productivity and security
  • Know which users are using which apps when
  • Rippling is compatible with Apple and Windows devices

Use case

Ripple provides a series of predefined workflow templates which can be customized to meet a company’s needs.

Examples include:

  • Free disk space report template: View the amount of disk space available for each device, including total storage and percentage free.
  • Low battery health alert: Configure alerts to automatically send alerts when a device’s battery status is low.
  • Device cost exceeds budget alert: Set thresholds and alert employee managers and IT administrators when the cost of an employee’s device exceeds these amounts.
  • Device Care Bundle: Keep track of warranty expiration dates by ensuring devices are serviced and repaired before it’s too late.

User Reviews

Rippling MDM is well regarded by its users.


The cost of Rippling MDM is customized to your organization’s needs and depends on the products required to support core operations, such as Rippling Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) software.

Rippling MDM pricing starts at $35 per month for the main platform, plus $5 to $8 per month, per user for each of the required features and modules.

Each Rippling MDM product subscription includes:

  • Hands-off deployment
  • Purchase and configure devices
  • Configure and manage security
  • Track and manage inventory
  • Remote storage and shipping


Choosing an MDM tool is not an easy task with so many options available. Rippling is a sophisticated solution, offering multi-module employee management options in addition to MDM functionality. Praised for its user-friendliness, scalability, and quality support, Rippling MDM is a solid choice for businesses of all sizes.