August 6, 2022

Samsung Device Care app gets bug fix update

Last update: July 18, 2022 at 17:28 UTC+02:00

Device Care is an app – or rather a built-in system feature – that you’ll find on all modern Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets. It lets you do everything from one-click device optimization to managing your device’s storage, RAM, and battery, plus putting a whole host of diagnostic capabilities right at your fingertips.

And this week, Samsung released an update to Device Care which is now available for download from the Galaxy Store. Unfortunately, there’s nothing exciting about the update, as the changelog only mentions that it fixes bugs without going into details. Still, for an app that’s supposed to “take care of your device,” so to speak, we’ll take whatever updates we can get without complaining.

There are several ways to update to the latest version of Device Care. The easiest way is to click this link on your phone or tablet to go to the Device Care Galaxy Store page and click the Update button. The other method is to go to the Settings app on your phone or tablet, tap Device care, tap the menu button in the top right corner (the three vertical dots), tap About device carethen press the Update button.

If you don’t see an update available for Device Care on your device, don’t worry: Samsung app updates tend to arrive on different devices at different times, so they might not be available. not yet available to you. It’s also possible that the app has already been updated if you’ve set apps to update automatically in the Galaxy Store on your phone or tablet.