December 1, 2022

Simple Labs will showcase our new Cogni™ device and its many features

Cogni is a wireless and continuous barrel aging monitor. Cogni forms a network of connected devices, with any number of barrels. When levels fall outside user-defined tolerance ranges, Cogni sends an alert via mobile and desktop notifications. The winemaker can then review the current levels and recorded data to determine next steps.

Cogni helps track and mitigate potential hazards before they become problems. These hazards include: temperature and humidity, phenol/guaiacol, acetic acid, free and molecular SO2, pH, alcohol and fill level.
Cogni helps throughout the barrel life cycle and provides value in all scenarios used, including micro-fermentation, barrel aging and empty barrel storage.

Part of our booth will be a live demonstration in a barrel of the device.

Simple labs
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Simple Labs is an innovation company changing the landscape, technology and future of the wine industry. Our product “Cogni” is not only changing the art of wine making, but our company Simple Labs is changing the culture of the wine industry through diverse representation, ideas and leadership.

Our mission is to equally support winemakers worldwide, regardless of size, and overcome the ever-changing needs and challenges of the industry through innovative technology solutions.

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North Coast Wine Industry Show – WIN Expo – at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, Calif., on Thursday, Dec. 1, 2022.

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