May 14, 2022

Taisei Corporation – Developed ‘TA Dredger’, a dam compost treatment device equipped with general-purpose construction equipment

Taisei Corporation (President: Yoshiro Aikawa) has developed the TA Dredger (TA Dredger), a barrier sediment treatment device that is attached to general purpose construction equipment and delivers dredged compost by suction from a barrier lake with a pipeline. By attaching this small-scale, lightweight equipment to general-purpose construction equipment, compost can be efficiently sorted and vacuumed in water regardless of water depth.

Currently, in the management of dams, the treatment of sediments from dam lakes has become an important issue to secure the water storage capacity for a long period and to extend the life of the infrastructures. in this context, we have been collaborating since the 2016 financial year with the national institute of civil engineers on dam sediment depletion technology.

Additionally, we have designed and reviewed specifications for technologies that remove foreign matter and grit such as sapwood, megalithic stones and dust mixed with compost in water, dredge only fine grit and pump it out, and have developed the dam ‘TA Dredger’ compost treatment device. In addition, we conducted a demonstration experiment on this technology at Miwa Dam ReservoirChubu Regional Development Office of Ministry of Territory, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourismand confirmed its performance.

(C) Electronic news edition 2022, source ENP Newswire